The 2,500 Top Beers On Twitter [MAP]

PeekAnalytics is at it again, culling through Twitter data to map out the most popular brands in different categories.

This time around, they’ve created the intriguing, thirst-inducing PeekAnalytics #BeerMap, which they’ve provided to AllTwitter as an exclusive.

It’s a searchable global map of 2,500+ beers brands/breweries across more than 15K cities and towns.

The map allows you to sort the top beer brands by most popular with men vs. women, and most popular by age group. You can also search by city, state, or beer brand.

In general, it seems like popular beers vary regionally (the sudsy version of patriotism).

The most popular beer in:

– New York City: Brooklyn Brewery

– Los Angeles: Eagle Rock Brewery

– Boston: Harpoon Brewery

– London, England: Camden Town Brewery

And the top tweeted about beer in the U.s.? Dog Fish Head, followed by New Belgium Brewing at #2.

Head to the PeekAnalytics #BeerMap to conduct your own research fulfillingly waste the next three hours of your day.

(Source: PeekAnalytics.)