Top 5 Ways Twitter Can Help With Your Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is upon shoppers everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a few perfect gifts for family and friends or doing a whirwind shopping spree for a smattering of semi-close acquaintances, this highly commercial season can get pretty stressful. One of Twitter’s claims is that the micro-blogging site makes your life easier — giving you the information you need quickly and efficiently. True to form, Twitter can make your holiday shopping easier as well, and here are five reasons why.

1. Normal Twitter shopping accounts. Shoppers use Twitter year round to learn about special deals, new releases, and trending items and looks. Gilt Groupe has built its reputation largely on exclusivity, but for users of the shopping site for discounted designer items, @GiltGroupe is an invaluable source. Large department stores like @BestBuy also have useful Twitter accounts for people interested in shopping tips, ideas, and sales. @ToysRUs also has a fantastic, oft-updated Twitter page.

2. Twitter users that understand the Christmas-rush. As with almost any holiday or commemoration — from Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Halloween — Twitter has inspired holiday-related pages and discussions that are tailored for seasonal shoppers. In the case of Christmas, Twitter users have taken the idea that the spending spree season means shoppers are on the lookout for sales even more. Following sources like @Groupon will also allow you to save money and time in your shopping spree. Certain stores and franchises like Staples have taken the holiday theme and created hashtag pages like #StaplesHoliday to start a discussion about Staples holiday sales and shopping tips.

3. Tweets that break technology and industry news. To choose the perfect gift, you have to know what’s out there. Twitter is great to keep track of techie gifts in particular — check out @MacTrast for frequent tweets on Apple products. Since tweets are timeline based, they can also alert you to when new gadgets are going to become available, so that you can plan your shopping trips and budget your month out in a more organized way.

4. Tweets that reveal what your friends might want. Twitter is great as a source of pure inspiration, whether you’re looking on a friend’s account for clues as to what’s on his or her Christmas list or browsing through your timeline and see something that sparks a gift idea. Tweets are often random and come from all directions of your assorted interests — so whether you see that the New England Patriots just won their football match and decide to get your friend a team jersey or see that Kanye West has posted something else annoying and decide to get your friend a Taylor Swift album, Twitter has you covered.

5. Twitter users that spread holiday cheer. Let’s face it — we wouldn’t go through the burden and stress of purchasing so many gifts at one time if there wasn’t the background music of Christmas carols and the decorations and lights and general spirit of goodwill abound. Just the fact that Grinch is a trending topic right now speaks to Twitter’s ability to communicate the Christmas theme to millions. Tweets from charities are great sources for tweets to get you in the spirit — like @salvationarmy, who has also recently started posting shout-outs to projects like @SantaShuffle, a family race for a cause.