Top 5 Ways to Use Twitter As Your Holiday Movie Guide

The holiday season is also the year’s greatest movie season. Whether you’re looking for a date night flick or a way to entertain those pesky relatives who come into town, tweets are actually a fantastic resource to get you on your way to the perfect holiday movie experience. No longer do you have to rely on the weekend section of your local newspaper — here are 5 ways Twitter improves the lives of moviegoers this season.

1. Reminders About What’s Out There. Movie trailers sometimes come out at the most inconvenient times. That is, you can be cooling off in a movie theater in the middle of the summer and see this mindblowing trailer for a flick that’s being released…in December. Tweets are great for reminding you, come movie release-time, about what’s actually playing. And with Twitter as a growing video hub, you can easily watch that trailer over again to remind yourself why you were so excited way back when. Accounts like @Fandango can also help get you excited for the movies with release information, film trivia, and specials.

2. Reviews From Friends. Especially for those who use Twitter for more purely social or personal reasons, following the tweets of your friends can give you great advice for what to see this season. Word-of-tweet reviews let you know whether a film is worth your ten or so bucks — and since you know your friends, you can gage whether their taste matches yours. If one of your friends tweets the following, for example, it’s probably best to choose a new flick:

3. Reviews from Celebrities and Notable People. As much as we value the opinions of our friends, Twitter is also a place where we follow famous people and public personalities — and their point of view often means a whole lot to us. Tweets have been great for following cool celebrities, and they tend weigh in on popular culture items — like movies.

4. Ways to Make Movie Night More Exciting. Movies are great in themselves, but Twitter can also help give us ideas for making more of a night out of it. The holiday season often becomes so much about rushing around and getting the perfect gifts and wrapping up things at work, that a really enjoyable date night or night out with a friend can really hit the spot. And for entertaining family members, the ability to whip out an idea for an activity in addition to the movie will make it seem like you’re at least trying. Twitter accounts like the Washington Post’s @goingoutguide are particularly helpful; in the same day, they posted both of these tweets — both quite helpful to the weary moviegoer’s cause:

5. Conversations About the Movies. Just as with current events or just about any topic, Twitter encourages people to get their thoughts out there, retweet others’ thoughts, and participate in group conversations. If a lot of people are participating in a conversation, then you’re more likely to get excited about going. Especially if you’re interested in the anticipation factor — like for Little Fockers, which we’ve been waiting for forever.

What movies have you tweeted about this season?