Top 5 Ways To Tweet Your Way Into Your Mom’s Heart

What kind of gift has always worked best for mothers? The home-made kind, of course. Now there’s a whole other kind of “home-made” gift option — a social media gift. You can demonstrate your love for your mother this year using Twitter, one of the most versatile social media sites. Here are the top 5 ways to put Twitter to good use this Mother’s Day.

1. Give Her the Gift of Twitter. Whether your mother is an avid Facebooker or still types on her keyboard using one finger at a time, simply convincing her to try out this globally popular micro-messaging system is a gift. Taking the time to show her how to sign up or why you think she would like it just might show her how much you care better than another pair of department store earrings.

2. Tweet @ Her…. …especially if you use your Twitter account for professional purposes. Your mother may follow you on Twitter, and you may follow her, but that doesn’t mean you actually interact on the web site. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of 140 characters dedicated to your mother. Even if your message doesn’t promote your business or provide your network with valuable information, it will brighten your mom’s day.

3. Send Her Suggestions. Help your mother make the most of her Twitter account. There’s no reason why you are necessarily more of a Twitter expert than she is, but taking the time to compile a list of users that she will enjoy following. In fact, even if you are a Twitter novice, taking the time to navigate a social media world that you are less familiar with will really show your mother how much you care. If she loves animals, suggest some local animal charities or environmental action groups she could follow. The more specifically you tailor your suggestions to her passions, the more likely she is to keep enjoying the gift of your list for months to come.

4. Tweet a Shared Memory. Make use of Twitter’s multimedia capabilities and craft a tweet that really expresses your family relationships. Whether you upload a photo of you and your mother or a tearjerker of an audio clip of yourself as a young child, taking advantage of design options and files you already own.

5. Use it Practically. Use Twitter as a starting point for a larger gift to her, sending her messages that actually relate to things you’ve planned in real life. For instance, create a scavenger hunt for your mom with clues like “@yourmothersname Go to the corner of Main St. and find the box beneath the park bench” and leave a trail of treats for her. Twitter is a creative project in itself — so let it inspire you to be creative as well!

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