Top 5 Ways To Connect With Other Fans During The World Cup

Photos and video of the FIFA World Cup are essential; but connecting with die-hard fans online is another way to share in the exciting competition. There are a number of online communities and social networking platforms just waiting for your comments, cheers, and sneers. Through these social-media playpens, the world can connect around the World Cup on a new level.

Here are some of the most-used World Cup social networking tools out there:

Tweet it Through

Find all your World Cup tweets in one place, updated in real time on this fun Twitter landing page. Follow your favorite commenters and use the hashtags #WorldCup, #wc2010 or #FIFA in your tweets. Kaka, a premier soccer player from Brazil’s team, is connecting with fans through his opinionated and entertaining Twitter account. Follow him at @RealKaka.

Feel the Fans

With more than 400,000 fans, The World Cup on ESPN’s Facebook fan page has the largest amount of followers for the games. Or, join the FIFA World Cup 2010 fan page or World Cup 2010 page.


Playtime can continue on your Facebook page as you predict the results of each match and vote for your favorite team. This Tifosi World Cup South Africa 2010 application will let you vote for your favorite team. The World Cup Facebook application also lets you predict and publish who think will win the games, and has a pretty
active wall.

Join the Club

On Fifa’s home page you can join an online community destination site which will allow you to make your predictions, leave comments, create your own avatar, and connect with new online friends. The site also features news, soccer-related trivia contests, and prize giveaways – not to mention tons of photos and video clips.

Foursquare Badges

As TechCrunch reports, World Cup mania means social media branding. And this year, Foursquare is going to release a Word Cup badge that unlocks when you follow Bing on the company’s application. The badge gets tied to bars and hot spots across the U.S.

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