Top 5 Things That Need to be More Social.


With Netflix getting ready to launch its set top box soon ,and rumors of a PlayStation 3 version coming out soon, movies on demand is about to take a huge leap forward. With this leap I am hoping to see a Last.FM style application for movies.

Netflix has a decent rating system right now, you can rate and suggest movies to friends, but with the power of the PS3, and the new set top box, I am dreaming of a seamless integration of movies and social networks. I want automatic updates of what films I watch and a simple rating system that I can share with everyone.

Bars and Restaurants:

Yelp, AOL City Guide, Yahoo Local, MSN Live, Google Maps have all tried to make it happen but going out still lacks one app to rule them all. Either the reviews are spotty and nonexistent or I can’t access the application mobile. The fact is I still don’t have one place to go when I am looking for quality reviews on the go.

My dream application would be completely mobile, I am pretty sure I don’t need it on my desktop, offer me pictures and contact information of the reviewers and maybe even tell me specials of the bar and restaurant I am interested in. I would also need a simple review system I can use on the fly to share my experience.


I have been harping on this for the past couple of days but I really think politics needs to find a way to use social media better. People and their government have a chance to connect like never before and I think it is criminal that we aren’t seeing more social media integration in this day and age.

To be honest politicians aren’t going to be the ones to make the leap into the social media world. The people need to demand it of the politicians. Advocacy groups and non-profits need be at the forefront of this fight leading people and politicians into uncharted waters.

Everybody Else:

If you read this site chances are you are pretty up with social media but what about everybody else? A prime example of this was a conversation I had with my mother the other day; she is one of those “the email” type people.

My mother wanted to know what I was up to so I told her to follow me on twitter. Of course I got the, ‘What is that?’ response and I set myself to explain how she could know what I was doing and thinking at a moment’s notice. I have tried to get my father to join several motorcycle groups online in the hopes that he could find new riding locations but to no avail.


know it seems ironic that I think I am not social enough but at times I totally block social media from my life. It isn’t because I dislike the social media services I have come accustomed to but instead it is that sometimes I am too lazy to deal with social media.

Social media takes an effort of time that I am sometimes not willing to commit to. Keeping up with the insane amount of contacts I have, Britekiting and twittering my every move, reviewing movies, bars and restaurants, and the host of other things I do can be a bit much for me. I need to really make a commitment to be more social in everything I do and try to get others to join me.

Is there something you think needs to be more social, something that could benefit the population if it were integrated in Facebook or got a great mobile application? This just my short list of ideas but I would love to hear what you think could benefit from being more social.

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