Top 5 Most Pirated eBooks for December 2nd

Every so often I like to visit The Pirate Bay and check out their top ten lists.  I’m not interested in pirating the eBooks (I prefer to buy), but I do want to see what is popular.

  1. Do Not Open: An Encyclopedia of the World’s Best-Kept Secrets
  2. How to Be a Gentleman: A Timely Guide to Timeless Manners
  3. Photoshop Compositing Secrets: Perfect Selections and Amazing Photos
  4. Excel 2010 Formulas
  5. Trick Photography and Special Effects
  6. Kindle Library

It’s been quite some time since I last posted on this topic, and not much has changed. The list is still filled with nonfiction titles and most are how-to guides. Four of the top 5 are also rather expensive and cost $18 or more. Not that I’m justifying the piracy; the prices are usually comparable to the paper copy.

The 6th item on the list was a particular surprise. It was a 4GB collection of Kindle compatible eBooks, with over 4,600 titles included. This was unusual because most of the time this list is filled with PDFs, not the Kindle format. But that collection probably made the list because of the release of the new Kindles a few weeks back. I would expect it to drop off the list in the next couple weeks.