Top 25 MySpace Games for February 2011

Top 25 MySpace Games for February 2011

It’s been a rough going for MySpace lately. In past months, the platform has suffered the loss of top executives and more recently, laid off 47% of their workforce or roughly 500 employees, and parent company News Corp. has been assessing possibilities that include both sales and mergers.

However, the numbers for top MySpace games continue on their stable trend… in a manner of speaking. Last month, many of the RockYou titles on the social network were no longer found, and this time, the last remaining title from the company, Speed Racing, is now apparently gone. Additionally, Zynga’s role-playing counterpart, Street Racing, while still appearing in the app gallery appears to have also been shut down. These developers appear to be scaling back their investments in the platform.

With the removal of the two noted games, two new applications have made their way into the top 25 in the forms of Special Forces and Friend Factory; both from Zynga.

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 MySpace Games for February, 2011:

  • Thought the future of the platform if uncertain, the stability of Playdom’s Mobsters and Zynga’s Mafia Wars remains. The total users for each title, this months, comes to just over 15 million and 13.4 million respectively.
  • The collection of more toy-like apps also continues to do well on MySpace. The titles of Bumper Stickers, Own Your Friends, and BitRhymes’ Tag Me all see moderate growth with their totals coming to approximately 13 million, 10.3 million, and 8.5 million.
  • The BitRhymes virtual drinking game Cheers!! remains at #9, gaining just over 5,000 new users.
  • Zynga RPG Vampires stands alone this month at #10 with 5.3 million total users. Typically, the game is followed by the now shut down Street Racing.
  • With the loss of Street Racing, Sorority Life moves up to #12. The women-targeted RPG totals out at over 3.7 million users this month.
  • Playfish title Pet Society grows slightly this month at #23 having gained 7,601 new users for a total of 1,492,269.
  • Zynga adds one returning title and one newcomer to the top 25 with Special Forces and Friend Factory. The apps earn a total of 1,482,442 and 1,457,821 users respectively.