Top 25 MySpace Games for December 1, 2009


While change from last month was about the same as it always is for the Top 25 MySpace Games, the question as to how much growth MySpace has seen in the past year is a bit unclear.

A lack of detailed, official metrics has made it hard to find the answer. But, by comparing raw user counts every month, we can get a sense for where things are going. Playdom‘s Mobsters, the most popular game on the site, has a million more users than it had 12 months ago, which certainly indicates something.

Suffice to say, with Mobsters being the top game for one year running, the change in MySpace does not appear to be big. In fact, most of the games that are on this list now were on it back in 2008. This seems to show that the majority of developers are not giving significant attention to the social network’s platform. A portion of Facebook’s growth may be due to people joining and staying on the site longer to play social games. Is MySpace not growing because of the lack of games? Or is the slower growth why there is a lack in the first place? An interesting quandary to ponder. Regardless, here are the highlights from this past month:

  • Mobsters saw about 92,000 new installs for its criminally addictive role-playing game last month, bringing it to 14,181,576 total users.
  • Zynga‘s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker has been redubbed “Zynga Poker” as it sits tight at #5 with roughly a 77,000 install growth.
  • A slight swap between YoVille and Super Pets rankings occurred with the former earning a total user count of nearly 5.9 million compared to the latter’s 5.7 million.
  • BitRhymes might want to have a word with MySpace, as its #12 title, Cheers!! continues to not appear in the app gallery lists. Nevertheless, it still earns a total of 4,040,116 users.
  • Racing continues to be popular with Overdrive, from Playdom, and Speed Racing, from RockYou sticking it out at #16 and #17 respectively. In fact, the latter has proven most resilient, being one of the MySpace apps to remain on the Top 25 these past 12 months.
  • There was also some minor shifts at the end with Green Spot beating out What My Friends Think About Me for #23, earning 35,515 new installs compared to the latter, earning just over 10,000.
  • Finally, here are the apps to survive the last year. They were in the Top 25 12 months ago, and are still here today: Mobsters, Mafia Wars, Own Your Friends, Texas HoldEm (Zynga) Poker, SuperPoke Pets, Super Pets, Vampires, Street Racing, Speed Racing, Gang Wars, Dragon Wars, Heroes, and Fashion Wars.