Top 25 Facebook pages: September 2014 — Facebook for Every Phone nearing 500M likes


Facebook for Every Phone has been the most popular page on Facebook for quite some time. Now, the hub of Facebook users on feature phones is quickly approaching the 500 million like milestone.

As of Tuesday, Facebook for Every Phone has 492 million fans and is growing at a rate of roughly 3.5 million fans per week.

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#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Facebook for Every Phone492,036,623+425,452+3,559,094
2    Facebook163,050,030+42,194+319,473
3    Shakira102,806,134+48,356+414,113
4    Cristiano Ronaldo96,374,506+81,359+756,840
5    Eminem93,441,134+54,081+415,513
6    Rihanna89,690,829+12,006+96,103
7    Coca-Cola87,795,671+27,655+261,660
8    Vin Diesel83,651,153+66,537+387,989
9    YouTube83,259,750+34,682+294,217
10    Michael Jackson78,183,775+35,063+307,706
11    The Simpsons74,412,264+13,006+122,423
12    Harry Potter74,186,000+18,228+201,992
13    Katy Perry73,772,312+45,550+306,313
14    Justin Bieber73,391,038+50,283+361,179
15    FC Barcelona73,293,334+90,757+578,151
16    Candy Crush Saga72,226,327+31,983+261,275
17    Real Madrid C.F.71,478,697+99,481+677,670
18    Will Smith71,171,501+52,811+438,942
19    Texas HoldEm Poker70,598,974+1,452+10,570
20    Leo Messi70,286,550+88,839+842,387
21    Bob Marley69,487,317+48,553+366,331
22    Taylor Swift68,830,329+32,413+250,068
23    Lady Gaga67,367,698-339+4,613
24    Linkin Park64,784,344+16,093+142,093
25    Beyoncé64,066,034+32,725+270,753