Top 25 Facebook Pages September 2012

Entertainment continues to dominate the list of most popular Facebook pages, according to our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to a page daily.

After Facebook’s own pages for its mobile app and main company page, the most Liked pages are those of entertainers, athletes, TV shows, games, and a few international brands.

No. 1 Facebook for Every Phone is the official page for Facebook’s feature phone application. In June, it became the first page on the social network to surpass 100 million Likes. It continues to grow significantly each day in part because Facebook for Every Phone users are given the option to Like the page when they first log in to the app.

No. 23 FarmVille is the only app on our list which is losing more fans than it gains each day. The fan page for the Zynga game lost more than 43,000 Likes last week. Besides a general decline in the game’s popularity, the page may be losing fans because of the types of posts it  does and how frequently it makes them. No. 3 Texas HoldEm Poker, another Zynga game, posts a few time per day, but these posts are giveaways for coins and other virtual goods. The Farmville page, on the other hand, has been soliciting fans to take a survey or read guides on its game forum.

#NameTotal Likes Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1   Facebook for Every Phone131,028,946  +319,579+2,887,808
2   Facebook71,837,444  +42,901+324,590
3   Texas HoldEm Poker64,872,456  +22,881+174,755
4   YouTube62,427,929  +31,379+224,238
5   Eminem60,882,738  +16,399+118,643
6   Rihanna60,124,643  +19,100+130,165
7   The Simpsons54,527,739  +16,834+129,871
8   Shakira54,261,581  +24,027+179,312
9   Lady Gaga53,231,005  +4,220+43,610
10   Michael Jackson51,693,413  +12,000+108,717
11   Coca-Cola49,924,269  +75,473+684,957
12   Harry Potter49,907,472  +25,128+184,191
13   Cristiano Ronaldo48,148,411  +25,424+198,856
14   Family Guy48,040,811  +9,172+71,148
15   Justin Bieber46,397,366  +15,379+112,168
16   Katy Perry46,120,450  +12,986+101,514
17   Linkin Park44,834,924  +15,390+117,222
18   South Park41,767,784  +8,027+57,365
19   AKON41,765,069  +9,865+89,215
20   Lil Wayne40,304,324  +9,279+70,294
21   Bob Marley40,072,281  +12,597+97,643
22   Beyoncé38,429,939  +11,774+93,702
23   FarmVille38,287,996  -3,148-43,519
24   Disney38,158,754  +12,577+90,552
25   Leo Messi37,991,328  +13,027+107,870


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