Top 25 Facebook pages: November 2013 — Candy Crush Saga surging

Candy Crush Saga has taken over several small screens, but now it has Facebook in its sights. The top Facebook game is now one of the most-liked pages on Facebook, as the official page for Candy Crush Saga made its way back to the list of top 25 Facebook pages with the most likes, according to PageData.

Eminem, whose next album comes out this week, passed up YouTube and is now the fourth-most popular page on Facebook. Find out which other pages have the most likes:

#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Facebook for Every Phone328,837,128+638,574+4,137,021
2    Facebook96,238,510+22,128+145,075
3    Rihanna79,878,103+33,121+224,182
4    Eminem77,210,574+21,385+171,423
5    YouTube76,721,768+8,076+45,633
6    Coca-Cola75,075,356+68,741+400,015
7    Shakira73,456,356+63,076+497,266
8    Texas HoldEm Poker69,830,891-5,032-35,448
9    The Simpsons68,458,958+9,568+61,936
10    Harry Potter66,379,508+11,167+55,167
11    Michael Jackson65,981,186+23,129+167,965
12    Cristiano Ronaldo64,441,985+41,775+289,604
13    Lady Gaga60,344,097+11,268+121,324
14    Katy Perry59,221,656+38,885+233,289
15    Linkin Park57,544,287+12,760+80,878
16    Justin Bieber57,262,298+11,244+80,493
17    Family Guy54,392,920+1,373+13,293
18    Will Smith54,033,961+41,639+293,363
19    Beyoncé52,238,203+15,064+121,198
20    Candy Crush Saga51,670,214+134,472+910,077
21    Bob Marley51,232,772+33,594+212,149
22    AKON50,816,664+16,274+125,804
23    Vin Diesel50,440,124+42,914+587,111
24    Leo Messi49,959,588+30,266+197,337
25    Taylor Swift49,933,209+37,139+220,003


Other notable changes since October:

  • YouTube fell from No. 4 to No. 5.
  • Linkin Park and Justin Bieber switched spots.
  • AKON fell from No. 20 to No. 22.
  • Leo Messi went from No. 22 to No. 24.
  • Vin Diesel picked up one spot, going from No. 24 to No. 23
  • Taylor Swift overtook Avatar to close out the list at No. 25.

Readers: How many of these pages do you like?

Image courtesy of Candy Crush Saga’s Facebook page.


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