Top 25 Facebook pages: July 2014 — Cristiano Ronaldo passes Rihanna


One of the most popular athletes in the World Cup has been Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, despite his team’s elimination. That popularity is evident in Ronaldo’s Facebook page, which has passed singer Rihanna to become the fifth biggest page on the site, according to PageData.

Since we last tracked the pages with the most likes on Facebook in June, Ronaldo’s page has grown by roughly 6 million fans.

Look below to find the top 25 pages, in terms of Facebook fans.

#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Facebook for Every Phone462,230,124+494,590+3,583,734
2    Facebook153,680,793+108,177+760,417
3    Shakira98,239,810+61,088+405,279
4    Eminem90,773,281+56,121+396,760
5    Cristiano Ronaldo89,235,510+175,205+1,428,973
6    Rihanna88,529,869+25,260+172,613
7    Coca-Cola84,633,778+78,160+560,532
8    YouTube81,508,111+23,685+165,200
9    Vin Diesel79,865,907+117,552+696,423
10    Michael Jackson76,069,579+42,277+302,680
11    The Simpsons74,080,890+8,062+60,970
12    Harry Potter73,222,554+23,952+186,382
13    Katy Perry71,604,274+46,596+324,443
14    Justin Bieber71,015,890+43,671+353,773
15    Texas HoldEm Poker70,466,914+3,656+24,325
16    Candy Crush Saga69,893,226+45,321+331,849
17    Will Smith68,300,671+74,768+337,176
18    FC Barcelona68,086,537+79,112+561,603
19    Lady Gaga66,733,399+17,870+125,356
20    Bob Marley66,269,650+72,183+522,109
21    Taylor Swift66,144,449+85,238+654,255
22    Real Madrid C.F.65,646,426+70,881+527,184
23    Linkin Park63,893,168+25,129+171,780
24    Beyoncé62,610,484+34,070+232,113
25    Leo Messi60,817,431+159,263+1,289,526


Image courtesy of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Facebook page.