Top 25 Facebook Games For June 2011

New games make strong showings in our Facebook game leaderboards provided by our traffic tracking service, AppData. Going into June 2011, many of our top games in daily active users and monthly active users from May move down the list to make room.

We begin with the top 25 games by DAU, which gives us an idea of which games have the potential for highest retention rates when compared to a game’s MAU. This figure is vulnerable to sharp fluctuations in the short term as a result of ad campaigns or marketing and to external factors such as holidays or weekends when players may take a break from routine play.

Gardens of Time makes a splash here at number seven after debuting at number 16 last month. The game launched in early April and so far has maintained a healthy growth pattern that makes it a regular on our weekly top 20 lists of fastest-growing games by both DAU and MAU. Interestingly, FarmVille saw a slight loss in DAU this month despite an extensive Lady Gaga promotion toward the end of May that gave the game a temporary lift.

Next, we examine the top 25 Facebook games by MAU, which tells us which games have the largest potential reach. We also monitor MAU as an indicator of a game’s overall health in the long term as the number tends to experience more gradual shifts than DAU.

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