Top 2014 Winter Workout Tips for Urban Professionals

If you’re a young professional in the city, you know how difficult it is to muster up the motivation and energy to work out mid-winter. While leaving home to jog through city streets at 6AM in thermal tights isn’t exactly ideal for most, there are a number of ways to stay fit during the cold winter months without ever leaving your apartment.

While there are a number of additional health benefits to exercising outdoors, property management companies like PMC Property Group proactively help their residents get the most out of working out inside.  


Maximizing the effects of an indoor workout

Indoor workouts can be just as invigorating and effective as running outdoors. If you’re health-conscious but repelled by the cold, never fear – you have options.

If you’re a fit, young professional considering new living options, think about renting in a building with an on-site gym. With a gym downstairs, you can’t exactly use winter weather as an excuse for skipping your workout.

“When it is negative degrees outside, I can throw some clothes on, walk out the door, and get a serious workout without leaving the comfort of my own building,” says personal trainer Steve Hoffman of the Sporting Club of Philadelphia.

Hoffman recommends renting in a property with an on-site gym if you’re serious about keeping up your motivation and workout regimen all year round.

PMC Property Group is one rental company that offers on-site gyms in order to attract young professionals to urban rental properties. “Whenever I rent, I always make sure to check out the on-site gym or any exercise equipment on the property. Do they have treadmills? Then I can run indoors. Do they have free weights and Kettlebell balls, or weight training machines? Then I don’t have to go to the gym.”

“The point is, no one knows whether you’re looking for Precor machines or punching bags but you,” Hoffman continued.

PMC Property Group is encouraging urban residents to consider biking and utilizing care share programs to promote year-round good health.


Easy indoor workout ideas

If your apartment doesn’t offer an on-site gym, you can still burn calories in the comfort of your own living room.

If you plan to exercise indoors in the winter, celebrity trainer Noah Neiman recommends time-based callisthenic and plyometric circuits, like the exercises emphasized in the Tabata fitness approach. “They are wildly effective for gaining muscular endurance [and] are big calorie burners,” says Neiman.

For even simpler workout strategies, try these tips:

  • Just move: Any activity that boosts your heart rate is considered cardio. Combine push-ups and crunches with jogging in place, star jumps, or jumping jacks for an easy indoor cardio boost.
  • TV-friendly training: During commercial breaks, perform simple squats, sit-ups, and crunches in circuits. When the commercials end, relax again.  Keep up the intensity – this is your chance to unwind AND stay in shape, all at once.
  • Add resistance: Try exercising with an 8-pound gallon of milk or a one-pound can of beans to add weight and intensity to your workout.


Health Nuts: Celebrate the Polar Vortex!

Don’t wait for spring to spring into action – take advantage of the winter urban workout options in your area, from safe outdoor exercise to cardio circuits (in on-site gyms or in your own living room).

While PMC Property Group and other property management companies begin to accommodate the winter needs of health-conscious urbanites, trainers and athletes confirm that winter can actually inspire creative, fat-boosting exercise techniques.