Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Shrek, TV, Zynga, Rihanna, Wikileaks and Cristiano Ronaldo

There was a wide variety of Pages on our Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages list this week, based on datafrom our PageData service, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day. It took between 390,000 and 948,300 Likes to make our list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGain Gain, %
2.Harry Potter12,529,062+931,307+8.03
5.Texas Hold’em Poker29,967,601+564,139+1.92
6.The Simpsons16,651,259+554,885+3.45
8.Toy Story11,245,729+488,685+4.54
10.The Offspring1,128,704+468,762+71.03
13.Manchester United5,922,254+450,449+8.23
15.Official Blink-1822,749,662+437,030+18.90
17.Black Eyed Peas7,643,417+413,497+5.72
18.Cristiano Ronaldo16,281,967+405,705+2.56
19.Linkin Park18,941,170+397,150+2.14
20.SpongeBob SquarePants14,709,480+389,973+2.72

There were a handful of movie-related Pages on the list this week. First place went to the “Shrek” Page, which added 943,300 Likes to pass 4 million total after promoting the sale of the newest home release last week. Then “Harry Potter” came in at number 2 with 931,300 new Likes, passing 12.5 million, after the Page mostly promoted the recent release of the latest installment of the franchise. Number eight went to “Toy Story,” which added 488,700 Likes to rise to 11.2 million. Finally, Disney’s Page, at number 14, added 440,300 Likes; the company recently announced the milestone of 100 million Likes across its Facebook Page properties.

Television also made the list briefly, including “The Simpsons” at number 6 with 554,900 new Likes, making a total of 16.6 million by promoting the show’s episodes. Then MTV made number 16 by adding 418,400 new Likes to pass 12.3 million by promoting its programming. Rounding out our list was “SpongeBob SquarePants” at number 20 with 390,000 new Likes to pass 14.7 million without many updates.

Media companies made the list, too.

Facebook was fourth with 591,200 new Likes to pass 30 million. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker made fifth after 564,100 new Likes and special game promotions. Wikileaks’ Page added 464,000 new Likes to surpass 1.3 million, riding the scandal following continual disclosure of classified U.S. diplomatic documents. Finally, YouTube’s Page was twelfth with 453,300 new Likes to pass 24.7 million.

A few sports-related Pages were on the list, too. Manchester United’s Page added 450,500 Likes to come in just under 6 million; perhaps partly due to a landing Page asking visitors directly to invite their friends to join. Then Portuguese football/soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page added 405,700 Likes to reach 16.2 million; his team won a game recently.

Finally, musicians made up a big part of the list, as they tend to do.

In third place was Rihanna with 634,800 new Likes to her 18.8 million; she’s been promoting her new album on the Page. Eminem’s Page made number 7 with 542,000 new Likes and performance promotions. Number 9 was Shakira with 469,900 new LIkes to reach 16.4 million; she’s on tour.

Both The Offspring and Blink-182 seem to have benefitted from a sizable official Page consolidation. The Offspring was at number 10 on the list with 468,800 new Likes, 445,500 of which were added on Wednesday, to make a total of 1.1 million. Blink-182 made number 15 with 437,000 new Likes, 2.7 million total, and a 352,300 jump on Friday; the and also had an interesting landing Page from Bompa allowing users to interact with the band’s tour by requesting songs, confirming attendance, retrieving venue details and seeing who else was attending.

The Black Eyed Peas made number 17 with 413,500 new Likes, reaching 7.6 million and Linkin Park was at number 19 after adding 397,200 Likes to reach 18.9 million after having sold merchandise on the Page.