Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Shrek, Disney, Rihanna, Zynga, Sprite and Cristiano Ronaldo

A somewhat eclectic list of companies made our Top 20 List of Growing Facebook Pages this week, in which we count the number of Likes added to each page using our PageData tool. Several movie and media Pages, along with musicians, sports and various tech companies made the cut. Pages needed between 398,900 and 955,200 new Likes to make our list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Shrek 4,541,026 +955,185 +26.64
2. Harry Potter 12,816,185 +785,459 +6.53
3. Rihanna 19,147,197 +653,993 +3.54
4. Texas Hold’em Poker 30,229,024 +604,311 +2.04
5. Facebook 30,372,142 +565,431 +1.90
6. Toy Story 11,493,904 +540,165 +4.93
7. Eminem 23,942,185 +531,037 +2.27
8. Google Chrome 4,921,102 +525,696 +11.96
9. Avatar – Le Film 559,467 +517,408 +1,230.20
10. The Simpsons 16,839,901 +506,166 +3.10
11. Shakira 16,688,564 +501,782 +3.10
12. Sprite 1,862,695 +455,014 +32.32
13. MTV 12,496,328 +440,997 +3.66
14. Black Eyed Peas 7,847,364 +440,757 +5.95
15. Official Blink-182 2,772,616 +440,648 +18.90
16. Disney 15,132,431 +437,798 +2.98
17. YouTube 24,913,379 +424,576 +1.73
18. Manchester United 6,105,195 +414,181 +7.28
19. Cristiano Ronaldo 16,458,381 +402,604 +2.51
20. Linkin Park 19,113,386 +398,913 +2.13

Movies and media were a big chunk of the list this week.

The “Shrek” Page made first place after adding 955,200 Likes to its 4.5 million, mostly by promoting special merchandise packages as holiday gifts. The “Harry Potter” Page came in second by adding 785,400 new Likes, mostly by posting movie-related news and coming out with 12.8 million total. “Toy Story” was sixth with 540,200 new Likes after promoting merchandise packages, ending the week with 11.4 million Likes.

The French “Avatar” Page added 517,400 Likes to take ninth place by promoting a collector’s edition of the movie; the Page ended with just over 1.2 million Likes. In tenth place was “The Simpsons” TV shows, which added 506,200 Likes to reach about 16.8 million; the show’s been promoting its programming on Facebook. The MTV Page came in at number 13 with 441,000 new Likes to come in at just about 12.5 million by providing programming-related news in its feed.

Finally, there was Disney with 437,800 new Likes, passing 15.1 million fans, by promoting its latest movie, “Tron: Legacy.”

Musicians also did well on the list this week.

Rihanna came in third with 654,000 new Likes, 19.1 million total, and promoting her new album by making a promotional tab the landing Page. Eminem added 531,000 new Likes to come in just under 24 million by not updating his Page at all. Shakira’s 501,800 new Likes added to her 16.6 million as she continues a world tour.

The Black Eyed Peas were at number 14 with 440,800 new Likes, 7.8 million total, a Wall filled with band news and a landing Page promoting the band’s presence on MySpace. Next at number 15 was Blink 182, which added 440,600 new Likes to its 2.7 million; the band is promoting its tour with a promotional tab set as the landing page. Finally, Linkin Park was number 20 with 398,900 new Likes, pushing the group over 19 million, and an interesting promotion. The band created a temporary app on Facebook allowing fans to print a coupon and receive $5 off their latest album when purchased at Best Buy.

Tech companies made the list this week, too, as per usual.

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker came in fourth after adding 604,300 new Likes to surpass 30 million total fans. Facebook followed in fifth place with 565,400 new Likes to pass 30 million, also. Google Chrome’s Page was eighth and added 525,700 Likes to come in just under 5 million, partly by promoting Google Chrome apps and a charity campaign based on the number of tabs Chrome users opened during a certain time span. Finally, another Google property, YouTube, was at number 17. The Page added 424,600 Likes, falling just short of 25 million total, with a top videos landing tab.

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