Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Harry Potter, Manchester United, Rihanna, Gaga and Bieber

There was the usual set of Pages on our list of Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages this week. The list is compiled using our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each week. Most of the Pages are list regulars in categories like music and media, requiring between 362,200 and 644,100 Likes to make the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1. Harry Potter 14,330,427 +644,139 +4.71
2. Shrek 5,923,474 +628,112 +11.86
3. Texas Hold’em Poker 31,799,437 +617,113 +1.98
4. Rihanna 20,423,749 +546,119 +2.75
5. Black Eyed Peas 8,922,199 +513,395 +6.11
6. Shakira 17,704,108 +446,752 +2.59
7. Eminem 24,978,717 +440,473 +1.80
8. Linkin Park 20,091,477 +430,279 +2.19
9. Facebook 31,416,886 +424,138 +1.37
10. MTV 13,418,855 +418,118 +3.22
11. Manchester United 7,055,986 +414,207 +6.24
12. Cristiano Ronaldo 17,380,164 +406,771 +2.40
13. Michael Jackson 26,268,481 +406,010 +1.57
14. The Simpsons 17,852,290 +405,111 +2.32
15. Lady Gaga 25,777,314 +403,691 +1.59
16. Justin Bieber 17,792,131 +394,574 +2.27
17. Katy Perry 16,225,721 +393,425 +2.48
18. Toy Story 12,375,954 +376,021 +3.13
19. AKON 14,436,795 +362,657 +2.58
20. Avril Lavigne 11,585,992 +362,153 +3.23

The first Page on the list was “Harry Potter,” which added 644,100 to its 14.3 million Likes. Then there was “Shrek” at number 2, adding 628,100 new Likes to come in just under 6 million. Finally, “Toy Story” added 376,000 Likes to reach 12.3 million total and take eighteenth place. The Pages had holiday promotions that suggested movie packages as gifts.

Overall there seemed to be a big spike on Christmas day in new Likes for these Pages, probably because people had more leisure time. Unlike other weeks, the number of television shows was sparse.

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker took third place with 617,100 new Likes during the holiday week; the Page promoted all types of poker-related specials. Facebook’s own Page added 424,100 Likes to take ninth places; the Page has a total of 31.4 million Likes. MTV’s Page promoted its programming over the week, resulting in 418,100 new Likes to its 13.4 million total to take tenth place. Finally, “The Simpsons” Page was at number 14 with 405,100 new Likes and 17.8 million total.

More than half of the list — 11 Pages total — belonged to musicians.

Rihanna took fourth place with 546,100 new Likes to pass 20 million total fans and the Black Eyed Peas followed in fifth with 513,400 new Likes and 8.9 million total. Musicians on the list seemed to take a holiday from Facebook, only updating occasionally about media appearances, such as New Year’s-related events. Shakira’s Page took sixth place after adding 446,800 Likes to her 17.7 million total and Eminem grew his Page by 440,500 Likes to just barely miss the 25 million mark this week.

Linkin Park’s Page was number 8 with 430,300 more Likes than last week, just enough to pass the 20 million fan mark. Michael Jackson’s Page landed at number 13 after adding 406,000 Likes to pass 26.2 million; there was merchandising and project-related news on that Page. Lady Gaga was at number 15, adding 403,700 Likes to her 25.7 million after promoting her tour and upcoming album. Justin Bieber took sixteenth place with 394,600 new Likes, about 17.8 million total, after extensively updating his Page with media appearances, but much more personal information such as his own videos, stories and interests.

Katy Perry’s Page was at number 17, even though it was barely updated, adding 393,400 new Likes to her 16.2 million. Akon’s Page was updated with information about his tour, resulting in 362,700 new Likes at 14.4 million total fans. Finally, Avril Lavigne’s Page added 362,100 Likes to her 11.5 million after she took to the Page to promote the release and initial performance of her new single on New Year’s Eve.

Finally, a few sports-related Pages made the list. Manchester United has been aggressively recruiting new fans on Facebook with a special landing tab on the Page. Perhaps for this reason the Page added 414,200 Likes to grow past 7 million fans with simple updates about team-related news. And football/soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page added 406,800 Likes to reach 17.3 million mostly by self- and team- promotion there.