Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Disney, Converse, Rihanna, Usher, Harry Potter and SpongeBob

Another interesting mix of Pages on our list this week. There was everything from big brands like Coca-Cola and Converse to movies and TV shows to musicians and the ever-present Megan Fox. To make our list this week Pages needed to grow between 861,000 and 1.4 million Likes; we gather our information from our PageData service, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1. YouTube 20,938,174 +1,410,244 +7.22
2. Harry Potter 7,522,965 +1,405,441 +22.97
3. Facebook 26,530,514 +1,405,136 +5.59
4. Disney 11,540,759 +1,389,216 +13.68
5. Rihanna 15,143,636 +1,306,980 +9.45
6. Coca-Cola 17,836,804 +1,253,654 +7.56
7. Eminem 20,433,081 +1,240,122 +6.46
8. The Simpsons 13,454,222 +1,190,905 +9.71
9. Jackass 5,309,271 +1,175,744 +28.44
10. MTV 9,707,803 +1,155,890 +13.52
11. Converse All Star 9,895,071 +1,130,282 +12.90
12. Shakira 13,505,259 +1,079,925 +8.69
13. Converse 8,110,157 +1,003,035 +14.11
14. Usher 8,063,496 +974,380 +13.74
15. DORY 5,851,902 +969,260 +19.85
16. Toy Story 9,055,566 +936,843 +11.54
17. SpongeBob SquarePants 12,156,188 +916,971 +8.16
18. Bob Marley 14,977,162 +903,135 +6.42
19. Oreo 13,960,195 +866,168 +6.61
20. Megan Fox 17,584,050 +860,844 +5.15

Global brands made up a big chunk of our list.

YouTube was first on the list after adding 1.4 million Likes this week to come in just under 21 million. Facebook’s Page was third after adding 1.4 million Likes, climbing to 26.5 million; probably some growth was attributable to news of their new data center in North Carolina and a new messaging service.

Coca-Cola was sixth, adding 1.2 million Likes to pass 17.8 million. Converse All Star’s Page was at 11, with 1.1 million new Likes and a total of 9.8 million. A sister Page, Converse, added 1 million Likes to reach 8.1 million; both Converse Pages have been promoting a contest for musicians. Finally, Oreo was at number 19 with 866,200 Likes to bring the Page to almost 14 million Likes: the Page benefitted from a promotion from another Page, Baskin-Robbins, which was giving away a coupon for Oreo products.

There were a lot of media-related Pages on our list this week, too.

First, Disney’s presence on our Top 20 list has become more noticeable in the recent past. Not only did Disney’s main Page make our list at number four after adding about 1.4 million Likes to tally 11.5 million this week, but, two other Disney-affiliated Pages made the list. Dory, a character from “Finding Nemo,” made the list this week after adding 969,300 Likes to grow to 5.8 million; this seems pretty high for an old movie, so perhaps there was some Page consolidation going on, although there was cross-promotion with the Disney Pixar Page recently, too. Then, the “Toy Story” Page added 936,800 Likes to pass 9 million. Although the third installment of the series was released on DVD and Blu-ray recently, this is also a very high growth pattern, so there could have been something else going on.

Other media Pages this week included movies and TV shows — and Megan Fox.

The “Harry Potter” Page came in second on our list this week after adding 1.4 million Likes to reach 7.5 million. The movie premiere will be later this week and the Page has been doing promotion with trailers, news and contests. At number 8 was “The Simpsons” TV show, which added 1.1 million Likes to grow to a total of 13.4 million; the show was also renewed for another season, nominated for awards and was promoting merchandise. Next, at number 9, was the “Jackass” movie franchise, which has been promoting the movie premiere in Europe, consequently adding 1.1 million Likes to its 5.3 million-strong Page.

MTV’s Page was at number 10 with 1.1 million new Likes, a total of 9.7, and a bunch of promotion of its programming. Number 17 was the “SpongeBob SquarePants” Page, which added about 917,000 Likes after promoting the show’s first mystery special. Finally, Megan Fox made it to number 20 on our list, adding 860,900 Likes to grow to 17.5 million by doing nothing other than begin sexy.

And music, as usual, was also big on the list.

Rihanna’s Page was fifth after the release of her latest album, accompanying promotion and an ongoing photo contest for fans. The Page added 1.3 million fans to pass 15.1 million. Then Eminem came in seventh with 1.2 million new fans, passing 20.4 million, and posting some awards nominations. Shakira’s Page was at number 12 with 1 million new fans, 13.5 million Likes, and lots of activity around her new album/tour. Usher’s Page added 974,400 Likes to pass 8 million as he started his new tour; the Page took fourteenth place. Finally, at number 18, was the Bob Marley Page, which added 903,100 Likes to come in just under 15 million.

Editor’s note: A few PageData entries (like this one) appear to be double-counting total Likes on some days and not counting any Likes on others. We’ll provide more information as we figure out the problem.