Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Disney, Converse, Music, Jackass and Jackie Chan

There’s an  interesting mix of Pages on our Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages list this week. We had our traditional musicians on the list, big brands, as well as some new faces, such as the movie “Jackass” and action movie star Jackie Chan. To get on our Top 20 this week Pages needed to add between 457,300 and 387,300 Likes, we keep track of this growth via our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to Pages daily.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. YouTube 18,618,509 +872,336 +4.92
2. Disney 9,227,053 +779,041 +9.22
3. Facebook 24,266,151 +736,773 +3.13
4. Coca-Cola 15,863,959 +716,890 +4.73
5. MTV 7,778,440 +683,285 +9.63
6. Rihanna 13,050,137 +658,058 +5.31
7. The Simpsons 11,515,616 +652,028 +6.00
8. Converse All Star 8,043,656 +631,188 +8.52
9. Eminem 18,473,414 +626,379 +3.51
10. Usher 6,462,654 +605,540 +10.34
11. Converse 6,473,795 +585,007 +9.93
12. SpongeBob SquarePants 10,636,763 +578,817 +5.75
13. Harry Potter 5,382,237 +546,244 +11.30
14. AKON 10,080,578 +512,488 +5.36
15. Oreo 12,616,818 +490,249 +4.04
16. Jackass 3,588,555 +483,715 +15.58
17. Adam Sandler 9,760,094 +478,063 +5.15
18. Toy Story 7,561,717 +467,030 +6.58
19. Shakira 11,892,635 +466,126 +4.08
20. 成龍 Jackie Chan 6,889,149 +457,314 +7.11

Big brands topped our list this week.

YouTube was in first place after adding 872,300 Likes to make it to 18.6 million total. Disney’s main Page, which we wrote about last week, made it to second with 779,000 new Likes and a 9.2 million total. Facebook was in third place with 736,800 new Likes and a total of 24.2 million; the company has been heavily involved in U.S. elections this year. Coca-Cola’s Page was fourth, adding 716,900 new Likes to a 15.8 million total.

MTV was fifth, adding about 683,300 new Likes to reach just over 7.7 million fans. Converse All Star’s Page was at number 8 and passed 8 million fans by adding 631,200 new Likes; the Converse Page was eleventh with 585,000 new Likes and a total of 6.4 million with a big growth spurt right before Halloween. Both Pages might have benefitted from the Frankenpic Halloween app we wrote about last week.

Oreo’s Page was at number 15 with 490,300 new Likes and 12.6 million fans; the company is still running the fan of the week profile photo contest and promoted its cookies for Halloween.

Only a handful of musicians on our list this week, surprisingly. Rihanna took sixth place with 658,000 new Likes, passing 13 million fans, and promoting a fan photo contest to win a trip to meet her. Eminem’s Page moved to ninth place this week with 626,400 new Likes and 18.4 million total; he hasn’t done anything on Facebook so he seems to be riding his popularity.

Usher was tenth with 605,500 new Likes, 6.4 million total, and promoting his upcoming tour and award nominations. Singer Akon was at 14 with 512,500 new Likes and surpassing 10 million total. Siren Shakira was at number 19 with 466,100 more Likes and coming in with 11.8 million; she’s promoting a new album and touring.

There was also an interesting mix of TV shows, movies and actors this week.

The Simpsons” came in at number 7 after adding 652,000 new Likes to his 11.5 million total. “SpongeBob SquarePants” was at number 12 with 578,800 new Likes and a total of 10.6 million fans. The “Harry Potter” Page came in at 13 by adding 546,200 new Likes to its 5.3 million.

The “Jackass” movie was at number 16, adding 483,700 new Likes to reach 3.5 million; the movie has been doing well since its recent premiere. Adam Sandler’s Page was on our list at number 17, adding 478,000 new Likes to the 9.7 million total, which is puzzling since the page hasn’t been updated since 2009. The “Toy Story” Page joined Disney’s on the list at number 18, adding 467,000 to the 7.5 million total; the movie’s DVD and Blu-ray are set for release today.

Finally, the one and only Jackie Chan’s Page was number 20 on our list after adding 457,300 new Likes and passing 6.8 million.

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