Top 20 Gaining Facebook Pages: Zynga, SpongeBob, MTV, Disney and Music

Big brands made a comeback appearance on our Top 20 Gaining Facebook Pages list this week. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker made a comeback, SpongeBob SquarePants, MTV, Disney and Converse joined YouTube, Facebook and Coca-Cola on the list. The typical list of pop stars was also on the list, though most of the TV shows were bumped off while “Paranormal Activity 2” and “The Harry Potter” movie Pages were on the list.

It took between 451,000 and 750,500 new Likes to make the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGain Gain, %
5.The Simpsons10,863,588+594,388+5.79
8.SpongeBob SquarePants10,057,946+538,782+5.66
11.Paranormal Activity1,925,149+517,977+36.81
13.Harry Potter4,835,993+504,103+11.64
14.Bob Marley13,053,246+496,777+3.96
16.Linkin Park15,358,151+481,043+3.23
17.Texas Hold’em Poker25,505,584+476,251+1.90
18.Katy Perry11,489,895+458,289+4.15
19.Converse All Star7,412,468+451,757+6.49
20.Lady Gaga21,284,470+450,887+2.16

YouTube came in first place among big brands this week after adding 750,500 new Likes to hit a 17.7 million total. Facebook came in second place with 726,300 new Likes and a fan base of 23.5 million. Then Coca-Cola was sixth, adding 487,800 Likes to reach 15.1 million. The Page for Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants” show was at number 8 after adding 538,800 new Likes to pass 10 million; the iPad and iPhone apps, as well as episodes, have been promoted on the Wall.

MTV’s Page was ninth with 538,000 new Likes to pass 7 million. Disney’s Page followed at 10 with 534,800 new Likes and a total of 8.4 million; the Page had an interesting total of all Disney fans (across all the separate movie Pages), which was more than 67 million.

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker has been on hiatus from our list, but was back at number 17, adding 476,300 Likes to grow to a 25.5 million total. Then Converse, of the shoes, came in at number 19 with 451,800 new fans and a total of 7.4; the company has been promoting a fun Halloween-inspired application for fans.

Music was not far behind the big brands on our list, though.

Eminem came in third place with 660,500 new fans and 17.8 million total; he hasn’t done much on the Page but still keeps growing, probably because of his current album. Rihanna came in next at number 4 with 603,000 new Likes and 12.3 million total; she’s been promoting her new album, singles and music video. Usher was seventh, with 544,700 new fans and a 5.8 million total; he’s been on tour and promoting related media stories. Akon was twelfth with 512,400 new Likes and a 9.5 million total; he’s also been promoting upcoming performances.

Bob Marley’s Page came in at 14 with 496,800 new Likes to surpass 13 million by promoting the music of Marley’s son, Ziggy with free downloads. Shakira’s Page was number 15, adding 492,300 Likes to reach a 11.4 million total. Linkin Park was at 16 with 481,000 new Likes and 15.3 million total; the band’s been promoting merchandise, their new album and tour. Katy Perry, who recently got married and is preparing a tour, was 18 on our list with 458,300 new Likes and 11.4 million total.

Lady Gaga has slipped to number 20 on our list with 450,900 new Likes and 21.2 million total. She may be hitting a plateau of popularity, or, just coasting as she works on her next album. Gaga did just reach 1 billion views on YouTube, though.

Wrapping up the list were a few media Pages.

The Simpsons” came through as the only TV show to make the list this week with 594,400 new Likes and 10.8 million total in fifth place. Then there was the “Paranormal Activity” Page which grew considerably over the weekend, even as it came in number one at the box office. The Facebook Page took eleventh place, adding 518,00 new Likes to come in just under 2 million. Finally, the “Harry Potter” Page added 504,100 Likes to reach 4.8 million total at number 13; the Page has been releasing trailers, merch and interviews with cast members about the upcoming film.