Top 20 Facebook Pages: Music, TV and More People with 10 Million Fans

It was a good week for many of the largest Pages on Facebook, particularly the three media personalities whose Pages surpassed 10 million fans. The data, of course, is gathered from our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page on a daily basis.

We also had a good crop of regulars on the list this week from musicians like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson to shows like “South Park” and “Family Guy” and some Pages we haven’t seen recently like “Two and a Half Men,” Lil Wayne and “The Twilight Saga.”

Perhaps what was most interesting is the three Pages that surpassed 10 million fans this week:  Eminem, Lil Wayne and Cristiano Ronaldo. What’s interesting about this growth is that, aside from Eminem who just released an album and popular single/video,  there doesn’t appear to be any concrete reason for this growth. It’s interesting to note that, only a few weeks ago, Lady Gaga becoming the first live person with 10 million fans was a big deal, but now it seems that as Facebook’s audience matures, numbers like these will become the norm for stars and popular Pages in general.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Eminem 10,970,673 +1,156,877 +11.79
2. YouTube 11,404,429 +810,777 +7.65
3. Facebook 16,656,365 +806,237 +5.09
4. Lady Gaga 15,924,493 +779,666 +5.15
5. Family Guy 15,561,574 +745,516 +5.03
6. Megan Fox 12,025,155 +732,831 +6.49
7. South Park 11,051,585 +732,373 +7.10
8. Vin Diesel 14,298,303 +714,258 +5.26
9. Coca-Cola 10,597,631 +674,371 +6.80
10. Linkin Park 10,721,428 +602,217 +5.95
11. House 12,543,393 +593,453 +4.97
12. Two and a Half Men 6,903,388 +588,106 +9.31
13. Bob Marley 9,100,339 +585,208 +6.87
14. Justin Bieber 9,640,433 +573,186 +6.32
15. Michael Jackson 18,711,898 +569,116 +3.14
16. David Guetta 7,265,430 +559,542 +8.34
17. Starbucks 12,627,099 +552,215 +4.57
18. Lil Wayne 10,107,297 +545,760 +5.71
19. The Twilight Saga 11,744,704 +505,503 +4.50
20. Cristiano Ronaldo 10,320,375 +498,478 +5.08

Speaking of which, Eminem took first place this week, still riding the popularity of his hit single and music video, “Love the Way You Lie.” His Page added 1.1 million Likes last week to grow to 10.9 million, passing the 10 million mark right around Wednesday.

This growth was nearly matched by two others on our list this week. Lil Wayne came in at number 18, adding 545,800 new Likes to grow his Page to 10.1 million this week, even as he’s currently incarcerated and a friend is updating his Page. Then there was Portuguese football (soccer) star Cristiano Ronaldo whose Page added 498,500 fans to grow to 10.3 million, passing the mark Wednesday as well.

The rest of the list was made up mostly by musicians, television shows, tech companies and global brands.

YouTube’s Page came in second place, adding 810,800 Likes to reach 11.4 million. Facebook’s Page added 806,200 to nab third place at 16.6 million Likes; growth may have been due to changes in the photo and notes functions or the premiere of Facebook Live. Coca-Cola took ninth place, adding 674,400 fans to just miss 10.6 million Likes; the company is running a summer photo contest for fans. Starbucks was 17 on the list this week, adding 552,200 Likes, growing to 12.6 million, mostly just by promoting its products.

Brands-as-individuals on the list this week included Megan Fox at number 6 with 732,800 new Likes and a total of 12 million; she’s been inactive on Facebook but starred in Eminem’s aforementioned music video. Vin Diesel followed in eighth place; he conversed with fans on his Page this week and hinted at hitting the 15 million mark soon, given that he added 714,260 Likes to grow to about 14.3 million total this week, that doesn’t seem impossible.

Lady Gaga ruled the musicians, coming in fourth with 779,700 new Likes and totaling 15.9 million. Growth was steady as she toured, appeared on TV, promoted remixes and won some awards.

Linkin Park was tenth this week, adding 602,200 Likes to hit 10.7 million; the band’s promoting their new single and upcoming album. Bob Marley’s Page hit 9.1 million fans this week after adding 585,200 by including interviews and promotions of the late musician’s children. Justin Bieber is never far behind anyone on the list; he came in at 14 this week, adding 573,200 Likes to reach 9.6 million total and has been promoting his music, tour, book, videos and singles. Michael Jackson’s Page followed at 15 with 569,100 new Likes added to its 18.7 million base. Next was David Guetta at 16 with 559,500 new Likes, a total of 7.2 million and general promotion of his music and merchandise.

TV and movies on the list this week pulled in “Family Guy” at number 5 with 745,500 new fans and a total of 15.5 million; the show’s creator has been promoting his own projects and the show in the media recently and the Page has been promoting the upcoming season. “South Park” was in seventh place, with 732,400 new Likes and a recent crossing of the 11 million mark.

House” was in eleventh place with 593,500 new Likes and a total of 12.5 million; the Page has been promoting the show generally. “Two and a Half Men” followed in twelfth place with 588,100 new fans and 6.9 total; CBS has really been promoting the upcoming series premiere heavily on the Page. “The Twilight Saga” was number 19 this week,m adding 505,500 Likes to its 11.7 million audience doing what it always does, promoting the young stars, film-related news and merchandise.

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