Top 20 Facebook Pages: Music, Big Brands, Celebrity and Bob Marley

Bob Marley made a surprise appearance on our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages this week, compiled by our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to a Page each week. It took between 942,800 and 438,000 fans to make the list this week and most were entertainment-related, although there were a few outliers and some official Page consolidation.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Family Guy 12,657,886 +942,791 +8.05
2. Facebook 13,345,516 +802,944 +6.40
3. House 10,110,166 +796,383 +8.55
4. Vin Diesel 11,678,073 +744,534 +6.81
5. The Twilight Saga 9,652,222 +704,959 +7.88
6. Bob Marley 6,614,497 +691,025 +11.67
7. Linkin Park 8,353,779 +681,533 +8.88
8. Starbucks 10,459,408 +620,257 +6.30
9. Shakira 5,012,217 +602,038 +13.65
10. Cristiano Ronaldo 8,325,181 +589,347 +7.62
11. Oreo 6,663,826 +518,367 +8.43
12. Red Bull 6,477,214 +517,411 +8.68
13. Adam Sandler 5,178,013 +503,794 +10.78
14. Justin Bieber 7,635,942 +500,912 +7.02
15. David Guetta 5,151,761 +484,568 +10.38
16. Taylor Swift 7,359,368 +478,310 +6.95
17. The Simpsons 3,801,326 +464,770 +13.93
18. Metallica 6,645,584 +459,318 +7.42
19. Drake 4,302,610 +448,626 +11.64
20. Barack Obama 10,909,764 +438,000 +4.18

First place this week was “Family Guy,” a popular Fox show that added 942,800 fans to grow to 12.6 million. Medical drama “House” took third place, adding 796,400 fans to total 10.1 million and “The Simpsons,” another Fox show, came in at number 17 by adding 464,800 fans to come out with 3.8 million.

There was also a group of big brands on the list this week.

Facebook came in second place, adding about 803,000 fans to pass 13.3 million; this week Microsoft launched a Facebook capability for its Outlook products. Starbucks, which was the first brand to earn 10 million Likes, added 620,300 fans to grow to 10.4 million this week. Starbucks is promoting an in-store coupon special for customers.

Oreo came in at 11, adding 518,400 fans to reach 6.3 million and is currently asking fans across the world to pose with its products to win a spot as the Page’s profile photo for fan of the week. Red Bull followed in twelfth place, adding 517,400 fans to hit the 6.4 million mark.

Movie- and celebrity-related Pages made up a chunk of the list, too.

Vin Diesel came in fourth, adding 744,500 fans to his Page last week to grow to 11.6 million with steady growth. “The Twilight Saga” followed at number 5, adding 705,000 fans to grow to 9.6 million, mostly by posting movie-related news.

Football (soccer) megastar Cristiano Ronaldo took tenth place, promoting himself with vacation photos and his endorsement advertisements, adding 589,300 fans to reach an 8.3 million audience. Comedian Adam Sandler’s Page seems to have benefited from official Page consolidation at number 13, as his Page grew by 504,000 fans to 5.1 million after not having been updated for a year. President Barack Obama, arguably a celebrity, also made the list at number 20, adding 438,000 fans to come in just under 11 million at 10.9 million Likes.

Finally, there were the musicians, who pretty much owned this list.

Bob Marley came in sixth, seemingly due to official Page consolidations, as there was huge growth on his Page but nothing spectacular happening on his Page to warrant 691,000 new fans. His Page totals 6.6 million. Linkin Park followed at number 7, adding 681,500 fans to grow to 8.3 million. Shakira took ninth place, adding 602,000 fans to pass 5 million mostly, it seemed, due to promotion of her World Cup song “Waka Waka.”

Then there was Justin Bieber, who came in at number 14, adding 501,000 fans to reach a base of 7.6 million. At number 15 was David Guetta, who added 484,600 fans to reach 5.1 million total, apparently partly because of his promoting a new collaboration with rapper Flo Rida. Taylor Swift followed at 16, adding 478,300 fans to her 7l.3 million total. Metallica at 18, adding 459,300 fans to a total of 6.6 million by promoting a music tour. Finally, Drake took the number 19 spot, adding 448,600 fans to now boast 4.3 million via promotion of his new album.