Top 20 Gaining Facebook Pages: Gaga, Bieber, Gucci, Manchester United and TV

Music Pages took up over half of our Top 20 Facebook Pages list this week, 11 of the Pages to be precise. The list is compiled with our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day. Other than musicians, there were a few television shows and then a list of brands, from Megan Fox to Manchester United to Kohl’s and Gucci.

It took between 338,200 and 191,100 Likes to earn a place on the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGainGain, %
1.Lady Gaga17,166,878+338,228+2.01
3.Justin Bieber10,858,913+314,328+2.98
7.Manchester United2,220,267+265,001+13.55
8.Family Guy16,576,445+261,807+1.60
9.Linkin Park11,657,676+252,707+2.22
10.Lil Wayne11,063,825+250,242+2.31
11.South Park12,038,233+234,186+1.98
13.David Guetta8,140,033+221,920+2.80
14.Katy Perry7,807,129+218,138+2.87
15.Taylor Swift9,817,002+206,591+2.15
17.The Simpsons6,567,564+204,404+3.21
19.Megan Fox12,808,443+194,079+1.54
20.Michael Jackson19,429,960+191,135+0.99

Lady Gaga ruled the list this week, adding 338,200 Likes to her Page, bringing the grand total to 17.1 million. She’s currently on tour. Teeny bopper Justin Bieber was in third place, adding 314,300 Likes to grow his Page to just under 11 million; he’s been promoting his TV appearances and music. Rapper Eminem followed at fourth place, adding 281,500 Likes to pass 12.4 million and has also been promoting an upcoming TV performance.

The band Linkin Park took ninth place, adding 252,700 Likes to its 11.6 million total and has been promoting its new singles and upcoming awards show performance. Lil Wayne came in tenth, added 250,200 Likes and passed 11 million fans this week; his latest single was a top download this past week. Songstress Shakira came in at number 12, on the heels of a new single released in the United Kingdom and the launch of her new fragrance.

DJ David Guetta came in at number 13, adding about 222,000 Likes by promoting his performances and media appearances, rounding out the week with 8.1 million Likes. Katy Perry followed at 14, adding 218,100 Likes, totaling 7.8 million and promoting her shows as Events on Facebook, her concerts and an upcoming appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” Taylor Swift was next at 15, adding 206,600 Likes and totaling 9.8 million; she’s been promoting her music on Facebook and TV performances. Rihanna was at 16 with 204,800 new Likes and a total of 8.3 million; she’s been adding photo albums of fans from her concerts.

Michael Jackson rounded out the list and the musicians at number 12 with 191,100 new Likes and 19.4 million total.

After the musicians we had a handful of big brands on the list.

Facebook’s Page came in second on the list, adding 317,700 Likes with a total of 17.8 million this week; the company began selling Credits at Target this week. YouTube’s Page came in fifth this week, adding 280,600 Likes to its 12.4 million base; the company has been doing a good job of providing daily video posts. Gucci’s Page was in sixth place this week, adding about 271,000 Likes to the 1.1 million total, although most of the growth seemed to be because of official Page consolidations on Thursday (29,000 added) and Friday (199,000).

Manchester United followed at 7, adding 265,000 and growing to 2.2 million; this addition to the list also seemed to be partly due to Page consolidations, though, as 193,500 rolled onto the Page on Thursday. Kohl’s department store was at number 18 this week, the last of its crowdsourced grant program for schools. The company added 194,400 Likes to grow its base to 2.7 million and has also been promoting online shopping with special discount codes for Facebook fans.