Top 20 Facebook Pages: Music, TV, Modern Warfare 2, Ronaldo and Megan Fox

Using data gathered from our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day, we can determine that music was very popular on Facebook during the past week.

More than half of the list, 11 to be exact, were music Pages, then there were some TV shows, a few brands, the Modern Warfare 2 video game Page, Portuguese football (soccer) star Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox. It took between 732,900 down to 197,700 new fans in order to make the list.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGain↓Gain, %
1.Modern Warfare 21,998,909+732,893+57.89
3.Justin Bieber10,445,045+331,546+3.28
4.Lady Gaga16,720,364+328,546+2.00
8.South Park11,723,393+268,929+2.35
9.Family Guy16,228,502+260,178+1.63
10.The Simpsons6,286,048+256,176+4.25
11.Linkin Park11,318,818+254,809+2.30
12.Katy Perry7,508,500+253,647+3.50
13.Lil Wayne10,731,968+253,510+2.42
14.Cristiano Ronaldo10,864,833+242,894+2.29
15.David Guetta7,838,282+238,000+3.13
17.Megan Fox12,546,602+209,096+1.69
18.Taylor Swift9,545,600+204,113+2.19
19.Bob Marley9,617,698+201,870+2.14

As previously mentioned, Modern Warfare 2 was at the top of the list this week, but most of its 732,900 Likes were added in two huge jumps last Tuesday and Wednesday in spurts of 209,300 and 515,200, respectively. The Page hasn’t had activity since July and has just under 2 million total Likes.

Eminem kicked off the music portion of the list, coming in second place, adding 413,700 Likes during the past week, mostly probably because his single “Love the Way You Lie” is still popular and it was announced he’d be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. His Page has a total of 12 million Likes now. Justin Bieber came in third, adding 331,500 Likes to grow his Page to 10.4 million; the singer has been touring and promoting his music in various ways.

Facebook queen Lady Gaga added 328,500 fans to her 16.7 million cache this week in fourth place. She’s been hawking merchandise on her Page, updating with personal information and photos. Another songstress, Shakira, was in sixth place, adding 276,250 Likes to grow the Page to 7.6 million Likes; she posted some tour dates and performance videos. At number 11 was Linkin Park, which has a really interesting integration highlighting both the audio and music video of the first single off their soon-to-be-released album that seeks social interaction. The band added 254,800 Likes and has grown to 11.3 million.

Katy Perry took twelfth place this week; she’s been promoting her new album/singles and has been appearing on television shows performing. She added 253,700 Likes to her 7.5 million base this week. Lil Wayne followed at 13, adding 253,500 Likes to grow his Page to 10.7 million. Although he’s still in prison he gained media attention for writing a letter to Sports Illustrated about his tennis predictions this week and promoted his music to his Wall this week.

DJ David Guetta was on the list at number 15, adding 238,000 Likes to his 7.8 million-strong Page; he’s been promoting his merchandise and articles about himself. At 16 was Rihanna, who added 232,800 Likes to her Page to pass 8 million, even though there wasn’t any activity on the Page since last week. She’s touring. Taylor Swift came in at 18, adding 204,100 Likes to get to 9.5 million; she’s been on TV promoting her new single and accompanying music video. Then there was Bob Marley’s Page, which is growing steadily adding 201,900 Likes to grow to 9.6 million this week. Because Marley is dead, most of the content is about his children (who are also musicians) or content generated by fans; his Page seems to be going the Michael Jackson route, where it grows due to the singer’s extreme popularity, rather than activity on Facebook.