From Rebecca Black To Nyan Cat: Top 10 YouTube Videos Of 2011

The end of the year is fast approaching and YouTube has just announced the top 10 videos of 2011. Check them all out after the jump and see if your favorite 2011 videos made the cut.

Drum roll please!  The end of the year is fast approaching and YouTube has just announced the top 10 videos of 2011.  Kevin Allocca of YouTube Trends writes on the YouTube blog, “In total, there were more than 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) playbacks on YouTube this year (yep, count ‘em, 12 zeroes).  That’s about 140 views for every person on earth.”  And YouTube Rewind lists the ten videos that racked up the most views of all.  Check them all out below to see if your favorite videos of 2011 made the cut.

In addition to the top 10 YouTube videos of 2011, you can find the year’s fastest-growing search trends, a video timeline of the year and more at  And now…on to the videos!

YouTube Rewind 2011

Rebecca Black hosts a countdown of the top 10 videos of the year, along with a montage of some of the runners up.  Check it out and then watch the top 10 videos in their entirety below.  It should be noted that videos by major labels were excluded from the Top 10.  You can find a list of the most-watched videos from major music labels on the YouTube blog.

#10: Cat mom hugs baby kitten

#9: The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

#8: Maria Aragon – Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga

#7: The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)

Embedding for this video has been disabled.  Click here to watch on YouTube.


#6: Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes (Cover by @KarminMusic)

#5: Nyan Cat [original]

#4: Talking Twin Babies – PART 2 – OFFICIAL VIDEO

#3: Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

#2: Ultimate Dog Tease

#1: Rebecca Black – Friday – Official Music Video

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