Top 10 Web Series Videos: Professional Vine Twerker Says She Makes 6 Figures

Teacher turned social media dance star

Don't tell Jessica Vanessa the twerking craze is over. The 22-year-old Vine star recently revealed on Barcroft TV that she makes six figures through her twerking videos and sponsored appearances.

Vanessa said her income for a 6-second Vine equals four month's pay as a pre-K teacher, her career before entering the lucrative field of professional twerking. Although she was mum on how much she makes exactly, she admitted she was able to buy a new car, pay it off in full and get rid of all her student loan debt—and she doesn't miss her day job. Barcroft TV's profile on Vanessa has been viewed 4.5 million times since Oct. 10, making it one of the most-watched videos in a web series.

And to get you in the Halloween spirit, VitalyzdTV pulled off an impressive chainsaw massacre prank in which a deranged-looking, chainsaw-wielding psychopath chased people around a parking garage. Fake guts, spraying blood and a helpless victim scooting across the floor added to the gruesome effect. The clip has been viewed more than 24.4 million times since Oct. 15.

The week's top 10 videos:

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