Top 10 Web Series Videos: Clips for Kids Top the Charts on Back to School Week

YouTube scores big capturing childrens' attention

YouTube videos aimed at the young audience seem to be striking a chord. This week, five videos targeted toward the preschool crowd—four of which are over 35 minutes long—were among the most watched videos.

Online networks have become attuned to the fact that parents want longer, mostly educational content for their children, and they don't want to get up every two minutes to play the next video. As a result, channels like LittleBabyBum, ABC Kid TV and Mother Goose Club that present their videos back-to-back in lengthy clips have been raking in the views. In a similar vein, AwesomenessTV's channel DreamworksTV is a collection of children's-themed programming that plays like a regular channel. Chief revenue and partnerships officer Beth Greve pointed out that its business model was to make content on the Web safe for kids and brands, including presenting videos for teens by teens. 

The one outlier in the kids' video group is the number one video, which still is the DisneyCollector unboxing video of the Play-Doh Sparkle set featuring the Disney Princesses. While it isn't educational, kids are glued to the anonymous narrarator's description of toy products. Whatever the reason, it has now been viewed 49.6 million times since it was uploaded on July 11.

Check out the rest of this week's top 10 videos:

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