Top 10 Web Series Videos: Buzzfeed Imagines Disney Dating Disasters

No need to wait for your prince to come

Fairy tale relationships may seem perfect—after all, they're made for the movies. But Buzzfeed believes dating one of Disney's leading men in real life would be far from picture perfect. Without Tinkerbell's pixie magic, it's not so rosy of a picture once you realize these princes tend to be criminals (Aladdin), overly possessive (the Beast) and/or vapid (Prince Charming, Florian, Eric… actually, just put the whole lot on the list). The parody video has been viewed upward of 8.7 million times since Sept. 6.

The Fine Brothers found viral gold by asking teens to play old school Nintendo (NES) consoles. Thankfully, today's kids still know Super Mario, but a few people didn't know who Zelda was, and even more weren't familiar with Metroid and Samus' adventures. We weep for this generation.

And prankster SA Wardega is still going strong on the charts, thanks to his mutant giant spider dog stunt.

Without further ado, this week's top 10 web video series: 

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