Top 10 Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs

Being a WordPress blog about Twitter, it just makes sense that we’d be interested in Twitter tools for WordPress blogs – and we thought you might be too. There are dozens of different ways you can integrate Twitter into WordPress, like showing your latest Tweets, displaying your followers, or adding a button for your readers to easily Tweet your articles.

Here are our top 10 picks for including Twitter into your WordPress blog:

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools offers two-way integration between your WordPress blog and Twitter. You can post your blog posts to Twitter, and your Tweets to your blog.

With Twitter Tools, you can choose to post every Tweet as a blog post within a specific Twitter category, or you can compile your Tweets into a weekly digest. And one of the best features of Twitter Tools is its extendability – developers can access its API and add hashtag functionality or shorten your links using

Tweet This

Tweet This inserts a “Tweet This” button at the end of each post on your WordPress blog so that your visitors can share your wit and insight with their followers.

Tweet This simplifies the process of Tweeting your blog posts – which usually involves copying your URL, pasting it in a URL shortener and copying it into your Twitter account – as it does all of this for you.


TweetMeme is a visually-appealing plugin for WordPress that displays how many times your post has been Tweeted, along with a “Tweet” button for your readers to automatically share your post on Twitter.

What’s great about TweetMeme is that its tally is live. You can see in real-time just how many people are sharing your content.

WP FollowMe

Simplicity is the name of the game with WP FollowMe. It adds a “Follow Me” button that attaches to the right sidebar and floats along as your reader scrolls.

There are a number of cute Twitter bird images that you can attach to your button, or you can upload your own. And to top it all off, the background color, text color, and “Follow Me” text is fully customizable.

Twitter Widget Pro

Twitter Widget Pro is a robust Twitter display widget that appears in your WordPress blog’s sidebar.

This widget offers some interesting customization options. It syndicates your Tweets so your readers can subscribe to them via RSS, and it includes options to display your profile picture and modify how the date of your Tweets is presented.

TwitterLink Comments

TwitterLink Comments is great if you don’t know any HTML (and even if you do!). It adds an additional text field to your comments section so that your readers can add their Twitter profile information.

You have full customization as the blog owner, which is nice. And, TwitterLink Comments adds a “Follow Me” link will be displayed next to all of your users’ comments after they enter their Twitter information once.


TwitterFountain is one of the most visually appealing Twitter tools for WordPress we’ve seen. Think of it as a mashup between Flickr and Twitter, and while the still image above is nice, you’ve got to see it in action by visiting their website.

Twitter Fountain takes Tweets and Flickr photos that are tagged with anything you define and displays them in a steady stream. The color, speed, size and much more can be customized, so you can have a Twitter Fountain that matches your blog’s style.


Tweetbacks is a useful blogging tool if you and your blog are active on Twitter. It basically turns all of the Tweets about your blog into comments, and feeds them back into the comment section of the posts they are re-tweeting.