Twitter Myths & Hacks, New Email Spam And 500 Employees: Top 10 Twitter Stories Of The Week

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten stories of the week, which includes how to turn off Twitter’s annoying new email notifications, Twitter’s escalating status as an online brand, Twitter myths, hacks and shortcuts, how to find your place in Twitter’s history and news on the company’s fast-growing workforce, which is now more than 500 employees.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Are Twitter’s New Email Notifications Cluttering Up Your Inbox? Here’s How To Turn Them Off

This week Twitter announced an update to their notifications system so that you now get an email each time somebody that you follow retweets or favourites one of your tweets. Email notifications have been a huge boon for Facebook because they keep those all-important users coming back to the platform again, and again, and again. For Twitter, which has always had a problem converting and keeping new signups, this could and should be huge. But for veteran users, Twitter’s notifications fall somewhere between clutter and spam. Here’s how to get rid of them.

2. Twitter Moves Above Google (But Below Facebook) As The Second Most Talked About Online Brand

Data from internet-based market research firm YouGov has revealed that Twitter’s profile is so high that they’ve become the second-most talked about online brand – even above Google (although Facebook, at number one, is some way off in the distance). The problem? Nobody knows how they feel about it.

3. Twitter About To Hit 500 Employees (And 5% Of Them Still Have The Default Avatar)

In February we wrote about Twitter’s escalating employee count, which was closing in on 400 members of staff. Way back in May 2009 – when Twitter was black and white and mostly made out of wood – that number was just 69. Now, just three and a bit months later, Twitter’s roster has jumped by over 25%, and has moved above 500.

4. HOWTO: Find Your Twitter User ID Number (And Your Place In Twitter’s History)

Recently, some independent analysis of the user ID numbers on Twitter has led to estimates that the network now has about 260-70 million registered profiles. But what exactly are these user IDs, and how do you find yours?

5. 5 Common Twitter Myths That Are Hurting Your Efforts

Twitter’s been around for a while, but there are still some nasty myths circulating among even the Twitter elite that could be crippling your success.

6. 5 More Twitter Myths That Will Cripple Your Success

More potentially damaging beliefs that Twitter newbies and veterans hold which could prevent you from finding success on the network.

7. The History Of Advertising On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter’s advertising platform has been a controversial (and heavily scrutinized) source of revenue for the company, and it’s one that hasn’t yet delivered on the innovation we were promised by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo way back in 2009, leading to much egg on face. Still, it’s a key part of the platform’s move towards profitability, and this nicely designed infographic from Mashable takes a look back at the history of advertising on Twitter, which begins with the very first tweet from founder Jack Dorsey.

8. No Time To Tweet? 3 Twitter Hacks And Shortcuts That Really Speed Things Up

Twitter is all about the real-time and now – it’s go, go, go – but sometimes it seems to take an awful lot of effort to do what should really be a very simple task. It certainly doesn’t have to be that way – here are 3 quick and painless Twitter hacks to help you speed through your day.