40 Twitter Tips, 300M Users, A Twitter IPO And Mad Ad Men: Top 10 Twitter Stories Of The Week

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten stories of the week, which includes 40 fabulous Twitter tips, new user benchmarks for Twitter and its mostly popular celebrity, troubling news for marketers, demographic stats and speculation on the value of Twitter on the back of LinkedIn’s very successful stock market IPO.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. 40 Tried And Tested Twitter Tips For Newbies, Apprentices And Pros

Whether you’re brand new to Twitter, been chugging along happily for months, or have been there for years and consider yourself a veteran, what makes the network so great is that there’s always something new to learn. But some advice is still golden. Some tips are still wonderful, and some truisms are just kick-you-in-the-crotch and spit-on-your-neck fantastic. And at the very same time, some rules are meant to be broken. Everything is just a guideline. And there’s nothing more important than going to alone. The trick is blending all of that together. Here are 40 Twitter tips that have stood the test of time.

2. Another Milestone For Twitter As @LadyGaga Becomes First User To Reach 10 Million Followers

Last month we wrote about how Justin Bieber had become the second Twitter user to reach 9 million followers, with Lady Gaga being the first. We speculated on which of them would be the first to reach 10 million. Gaga had the lead, but Bieber was closing in fast. We suggested Gaga might hit the mark around May 23-24, but she’s beaten us – and Bieber – to the punch, as she’s now officially the first and founding member of Twitter’s 10 Million Club.

3. The Typical Twitter User Is White, Female And In Their Early 30s [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ad Age have crunched a ton of numbers and put together a detailed infographic that reveals some interesting data about the demographics of the various social media channels. The emphasis is on Facebook and LinkedIn, but there’s some choice insights about Twitter, too.

4. Twitter Passes 300 Million Users, Seeing 9.2 New Registrations Per Second. (Allegedly.)

Twitter has just passed 300 million users and is now seeing a heady 9.2 new profiles being registered each and every second, says Twitter account tracker Twopcharts, who calculated the data based on registered user IDs. The important word you’re looking for? Allegedly.

5. Advertisers Speak Up About Twitter Ads: “The click-through rates were paltry.”

Twitter is focusing on generating revenue this year, as it rolls out geotargeted Promoted Products like Tweets, Accounts and Trends, and more affordable ads for smaller businesses. However, two similar reports on Monday cast a pall over these efforts, as multiple advertisers and advertising firms spoke up about the low levels of engagement and lack of sales generation produced by Twitter’s flagship ad program.

6. A Documentary About Twitter, Staffed By Twitter Users, And Crowdsourced On Twitter

If you thought we were tweet-obsessed here at AllTwitter, check out the makers of Twittamentary, a documentary about Twitter. Not only are the interested in looking at what makes Twitter users tick, they’ve staffed their film crew via Twitter, chose stories via feedback on Twitter, and, obviously, will be promoting their finished film on Twitter.

7. Twitter Is Tracking You Through The “Tweet” Button

Ever clicked the “Tweet” button at the bottom of a blog article (say, on AllTwitter)? It’s a great way to share things you find interesting on the web with your Twitter followers – and now it’s apparently a great way for Twitter to track your activities online.

8. What Price A Twitter IPO?

This week, and with much fervour, business-focused social networking site LinkedIn went public on the New York Stock Exchange and, despite some initial scepticism and the usual ‘bubble’ allegations, the launch was a resounding success. On Thursday, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit, said that a Facebook IPO was “inevitable”. Which begs the question: is Twitter next, and high how could it go?