This Week On Twitter: The 10 Most Retweeted Tweets, Downloading Tweets And Twitter’s Top Countries

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at the most retweeted tweets of all time, news from Twitter that you’ll be able to download your tweets by the end of the year, the ten countries with the most active Twitter users, how social media is creating a copy and paste generation and the importance of social media marketing to brands.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. REVEALED: Twitter’s 10 Most Retweeted Tweets Of All Time

Step aside, Floyd Mayweather… there’s a new Twitter heavyweight in town. Green Bay Packers offensive linesman T.J. Lang’s Twitter shout-out to the NFL on Monday following the Packers 14-12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, which featured a series of officiating blunders, is now the second most-shared message in the history of the micro-blogging network, with more than 98,000 retweets. Both athletes are still a long way behind Twitter’s retweet champion, Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber, with his post about the death of Avalanna Routhcollecting more than 200,000 retweets – and counting – making it far and away Twitter’s most retweeted post.

2. Twitter CEO: You’ll Be Able To Download All Of Your Tweets By The End Of The Year

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has good news for the Twitterverse: by the end of this year, we’ll be able to download all of our past tweets.

3. REVEALED: The 10 Countries With The Most Active Twitter Users

Since it first opened its doors to the general public back in July 2006, Twitter has expanded rapidly around the world, quickly establishing itself as the de facto micro-blogging network in almost every major country. In August we looked at a study that suggested, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the bulk of Twitter’s 500 million (and growing) registered membership was located in the USA, with some 141.8 million users. But what about active users? Which country heads that table?

4. Has Social Media Created A Copy And Paste Generation? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Relatively, the world wide web is still in its infancy, but plagiarism is already a major problem. Since 2009, the amount of plagiarized content on the internet has leapt from 25 percent to 44 percent last year, and this uptrend is expected to continue through 2012. File-sharing, as you might expect, is the number one source of plagiarism, but web and video content are also heavily copied and shared, and a lot of that takes place on social media.

5. Two Thirds Of Businesses Say Social Media Is Now “Integral” To Their Marketing [STUDY]

How important is social media to business? Massively so, says new research from Econsultancy and Adobe, which discovered that two thirds of businesses (67 percent) say that social media is now integral to their marketing, and 66 percent agree that it is an essential part of their overall business strategy.

6. REVEALED: The Biggest Blunders In The History Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

What links Ashton Kutcher, Anthony Weiner and Woody Harrelson with Kenneth Cole and Nestle? Collectively, they’ve made some of the biggest blunders in the history of social media. And they’re not alone – it seems like every month a new brand or celebrity will firmly place their social foot in their (rapidly-widening) mouth after doing something so stupid, and so wide-of-the-mark, that all we can say is… what in blue blazes were you thinking?

7. Twitter And Facebook Are Essential, But Email Marketing Is Alive And Well [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that there are three times as many email accounts as all of the profiles on Twitter and Facebook combined? At a time when many marketers are still struggling with accurately measuring their social media ROI (return on investment), it’s easy to forget that tried-and-tested platforms such as email still have a legitimate place in every brand’s digital strategy. While the glittering lure of Twitter and Facebook is hard to ignore – and only a very foolish marketerwould do so – recent studies have shown that email marketing *still* converts better than search and social, and there’s no indication that this is going to change anytime soon.