This Week On Twitter: Twitter Beats Email For Support, Most New Accounts Never Tweet, Twitter TV

This Week On Twitter: Twitter Beats Email For Support, Most New Accounts Never Tweet, Twitter TV

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We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes news that brands respond to customer support enquiries on Twitter 8 times faster than on email, figures that show just 40 percent of new Twitter accounts actually send a tweet, a look at how Twitter is dominating the second screen, a study that shows how just one in four marketers have advertised on Twitter and why Twitter might soon be showing ‘views’ in your tweets.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Brands Respond To Customer Support Enquiries 8 Times Faster On Twitter Than On Email [STUDY]

Brands who offer consumer support on Twitter respond to tweets on average eight times faster than the typical brand email response, but only two in five successfully resolved the customer’s enquiry on the social network, reveals a new study.

2. Only 40% Of New Twitter Accounts Actually Send A Tweet [STATS]

Twitter has had difficulty engaging new users for years, and despite the company’s rumored attempt to simplify its service by removing confusing elements like the hashtag and @reply, this problem simply isn’t going away. New stats show that only 40 percent of the 20 million new accounts that sign up for Twitter each month actually send a tweet.

3. Twitter Is Dominating The Second Screen [STATS]

Twitter is quickly becoming synonymous with the “second screen,” as TV viewers take to 140-character sound bites to discuss the latest TV gossip, news and excitement. Advertisers are embracing the new revenue stream, promoting their shows via new advertising products, and seeking out creative ways to engage audiences on both TV and Twitter. And Twitter wants to keep this trend going: the company has partnered with Fox and commissioned the Advertiser Research Foundation to put the spotlight on just how important Twitter is to TV.

4. Just One In Four Marketers Have Advertised On Twitter (But 92% Use Facebook) [STATS]

Just 23 percent of marketing professionals have used Twitter’s advertising platform to promote their brand’s products or services, compared to more than nine in 10 who have used Facebook, reveals a new study.

5. Twitter’s Latest Experiment: ‘Views’ In Tweets

Twitter tries out new features all the time – indeed, back in September the company revealed that it’s “rare for a day to go by when we’re not releasing at least one experiment”. Most of these experiments don’t become parts of the core system, and they’re always tested on a small subset of users. Right now, one of Twitter’s current experiments is showing how many times your tweet has been viewed by others. Which has pros and cons, both for users and Twitter themselves.

6. 10 Years In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s your first memory of social media? Can you think back a decade ago and remember which platforms you were using and what you were saying?

7. 10 Reasons Why People Follow Brands On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why do you follow brands on Twitter? If you’re anything like 52 percent of consumers it’s to be notified of special offers and promotions, while 33 percent click “follow” on the hope that they’ll be getting some freebies.

8. REVEALED: Why People Quit Twitter (And What Would Bring Them Back) [STUDY]

Why do people quit Twitter? It’s an important and expansive question, both for Twitter today and their place as a business and social platform heading into the future. Twitter’s growth problem is well documented and if the company can’t keep hold of the users that they convince to sign up they’re in serious trouble. But with a monthly active user (MAU) uptake of just 2 percent in Q4 2013, something is seriously off. So what’s the problem? Why do so many Twitter users fail to stick around, and what can they do to resolve this issue?