This Week On Twitter: When Ghost Tweeters Go Rogue, 13 Epic Tweets & The Best Time To Tweet

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes the strange story of how a fired Twitter ghostwriter got their revenge, Twitter’s 13 all-time most epic tweets, the risks of sharing too much online, a look at the best time to tweet and tips on direct message damage control.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Social Media ‘Professional’ Fires Twitter Ghostwriter, Forgets To Change Password, Hilarity Ensues

Paying people to tweet for you certainly isn’t something that is new on Twitter – celebrities and brands have been doing it forever – but when the account in question is that of a self-billed social media and internet professional, that uses no less than three ghostwriters, it all starts to ring a little hollow. And when one of those ghostwriters gets fired and goes rogue, things quickly spiral out of control. The jury’s still out on whether this is genuine or some kind of strange hoax, but either way it’s a nice lesson on the importance of keeping it real.

2. Twitter’s 13 All-Time Most Epic Tweets (And The Stories Behind Them)

In its 5-year history Twitter has accomplished a heck of a lot. Because the platform has been so readily adopted on computers and (especially) mobile handsets around the world, Twitter is so often right there at life’s important moments, which are then quickly documented with a tweet. And at other times, tweets are used to provide follow-up information, commentary and even apologies. And with the network’s 250+ million users, that news gets shared (and re-shared) at an incredible pace.

3. How Social Media Tracks Every Move You Make [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are people too open, and too casual with the information about their personal lives that they share on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook? Perhaps. After all, many of us willingly share details about everything from trivial things like what we are eating and the television programs that we are watching, to more security-threatening updates such as where we are, who we are with and where we are going.

4. The Best Time To Tweet Is… [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes Twitter feels like a battle against the clock. You’ve got a great link to share, but do you send it out right when you find it to be one of the first to jump on it, or do you wait until you think more of your followers will be online?

5. Sent A Direct Message To Somebody On Twitter By Mistake? Don’t Worry… You Can Delete It

Most people know that they can delete their incoming Direct Messages on Twitter. That is, if your DM inbox is getting a little cluttered, you can delete old messages or those you no longer wish to see, plus junk like spam and mass marketing messages, and tidy things up. A bit of spring cleaning, if you will. But here’s the thing – you can delete your outgoing messages as well, and when you do they’re removed completely from the recipient’s Direct Message inbox. Like magic.

6. If You Include A Quote In Your Tweet, You’ll See 54 Percent More Retweets [STUDY]

If you’re managing a small business Twitter account, you might want to dust off your “Famous Quotes Bathroom Reader” and start tweeting those notable quotes. According to a recent study, quotes are retweeted more than any other type of content on Twitter.

7. Twitter To Sell Political Advertising As Early As This Week [UPDATE]

We’ve been shielded from those exasperating negative political ads thus far, but rumor has it Twitter will be displaying political ads as early as this week.