This Week On Twitter: Social Media ROI, Choosing A Good Avatar And Why Twitter Needs A Spam Filter

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at why brands need to embrace social media and online culture to excel, one simple tip that will guarantee more retweets, why you should not be using Twitter’s default avatar, why taking offense on Twitter is YOUR problem and why Twitter desperately needs a spam filter.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. What’s The ROI Of Social Media? Why Brands Need To Embrace Online Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s all well and good signing your brand up for Twitter or emblazoning your logo on a Facebook Page, but if you’re not actively engaging with your customers, listening to their complaints and delivering first class support, not only are you wasting your time, but you might actually be hurting the reputation of your business. Yep. The key word in social media is and always has been social. Can you afford not to communicate with your customers?

2. Want More Retweets? Always Tell People “What’s Happening?” On Twitter In 100 Characters (Or Less)

When you first join Twitter one of the rules that’s drummed into you from the very beginning is that status updates on the platform come with a limit of 140 characters. This can seem restrictive at first, especially if you’re used to Facebook and its now unlimited character ceiling. But after a little while, and with practice, you learn to write good, strong and concise Twitter copy, always ensuring that you modify the words in your tweets to make sure they fit nicely within that 140-character maximum. You don’t resort to text speak, but you do know that you shouldn’t use a long word when a shorter one will work just as well. But there’s a problem: you’re not getting many retweets. Why? Answer: because you’re not leaving enough space.

3. Why You Won’t Be Taken Seriously If You’re Still Using The Default Egg Avatar On Twitter

We’ve been over this time and time again: your Twitter profile picture is important. It can make or break you, faster than you can type your next 140 characters. A recent comment from a Twitter superstar got me thinking that some people needed a reminder of just how important their profile pics are – especially you there, with the default egg avatar, too lazy to take 15 seconds and upload a photo of yourself to replace it.

4. Did Somebody Offend You On Twitter? Then YOU Are The Problem, And YOU Need To Get Over It

Welcome to Twitter. It’s a magical place. News, blog posts, websites, photos, video, music, thoughts, ideas, gossip and opinions are shared in their millions, in real-time, at the click of a button. Members are free to literally say whatever they want. And sometimes, the things that they say will upset you, and you are going to get offended. Whatever are you going to do?

5. Why Twitter Needs A Spam Filter

Twitter is doing a lot to combat spam. The dedicated @spam and @safety teams work their little cotton socks off identifying and removing suspicious-looking tweets and accounts, and there are many ways that users can help out, either by reporting spam directly to Twitter, or using a third party app. However, it’s not enough. What we desperately need are email-like spam filters on Twitter. And we need them now.

6. The 140 Best Twitter Accounts Of 2012 According To TIME

TIME has put together their picks for the best 140 Twitter accounts of 2012 – those accounts that they think will shape the conversation in the year to come. What do you think about the accounts on their list?