This Week On Twitter: Twitter Mobile Use Up 75%, Social Job Seeking & Twitter’s Global Impact

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at the huge jump in Twitter’s mobile audience, how consumers interact with brands in social media, how Londoners are using social media to find jobs, Twitter’s global impact and a cheat sheet for learning your Twitter manners.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Twitter’s Mobile Audience Up 75% Year-On-Year, Beats Facebook, LinkedIn

Twitter had the fastest-growing U.S. mobile audience amongst the top social networking sites, jumping an impressive 75% to 13.4 million for the year ending in August 2011, says a new study by comScore. LinkedIn was a close second, up 69% to 5.5 million. For the same period, Facebook also rose, up 50% to 57.3 million.

2. How Consumers Interact With Brands On Twitter And Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has revolutionized the way that brands interact and engage with customers (actual and prospective). Vitally, it’s now very much a two-way relationship – for the first time in history the consumer, free to choose who they wish to be marketed from (and how), holds most of the cards.

3. 43% Of Londoners Use Social Media To Find Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are playing an increasing role in the way we engage with the world around us, which has led to a change in the way we search for information online, including everything from property searches to finding jobs. Recruitment website looked at how Londoners are using these channels to find work.

4. Twitter’s Global Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

In just five short years Twitter has changed the way that the world sends and receives news – this real-time exchange of data allows any and everyone to position themselves right on the edge of the information curve, and Twitter has been right there, time and again, during the biggest events.

5. A Cheat Sheet For Learning Your Twitter Manners [INFOGRAPHIC]

Being “nice” on Twitter might sound like an easy thing to do, but given how many people can’t seem to put the manners their mothers taught them into practice in 140-characters or less, a refresher is in order.

6. 7 Grammar And Spelling Mistakes You Need To Avoid On Twitter

“IDK when but ill CUL8R!” “ive alrdy bn shpin n planned mah partay n its only 10!!1!” “txtspk iz waaaay over8ed” Ouch. If you’ve ever received a text message like those above, I’m sorry. I truly am. But a text is different from Twitter, even if the two share a common character count. So here are 7 grammar and spelling mistakes you need to avoid if you want to be taken seriously as a tweeter – and as an intelligent human being.

7. How To Tell If Someone Has A Fake Follower Count

If you’re relatively new to Twitter, you might still believe in the “rule of high followers”: if someone has thousands of followers, they must be interesting enough to follow. But those of us who are a bit more battle weary will think twice about admiring a high follower count. We know that it’s easy to artificially inflate, making that user look like one-to-follow when they’re really a dud.

8. A Single Retweet Caused Palestinian Envoy To Canada To Be Fired

If this isn’t a key lesson in “watch what you tweet”, I don’t know what is: The (now former) Palestinian envoy to Canada was removed from her post after she retweeted a link to a video that was extremely offensive to Jews.

9. 60 Percent Of Twitter Users Say They’re More Likely To Recommend A Brand If They Follow It [STATS]