This Week On Twitter: 7 Engagement Tips, Twitter’s Top Brands, Twitter Account That Draws Your Tweet

This Week On Twitter: 7 Engagement Tips, Twitter’s Top Brands, Twitter Account That Draws Your Tweet

Need a little weekend reading?

We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes 7 tips to increase engagement on your social media profiles, a look at which brands are ruling Twitter, a study that reveals how top brands are using Twitter, a Twitter profile that draws your tweet and how to build a social business beyond social media.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. 7 Tips To Increase Engagement On Your Social Media Profiles [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you’ve established your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and (why not) Snapchat social media profiles for your business, and now you get to sit back and enjoy all that sweet, sweet engagement. Right? Wrong. You have to do the work. Which means posting regular updates, developing a consistent style, commenting on the posts of others, being generous with praise, helping whenever you can, connecting with relevant contacts and simply putting yourself out there.

2. Which Brands Rule Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Amongst Twitter’s hundreds of millions of users are a huge number of brands of all shapes and sizes from almost every industry around the globe, and some of them do Twitter very, very well indeed.

3. How Top Brands Are Using Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 58 percent of the world’s top brands have more than 100,000 followers on Twitter? Simply Measured studied how top brand marketers are using Twitter and discovered that 92 percent of companies tweet more than once per day, and more than one-third (36 percent) of top brand tweets contain links.

4. Have You Seen The Twitter Account That Draws Your Tweet?

User accounts that draw the updates of other users are certainly nothing new on the interwebs – Reddit’s Shitty_Watercolour and AWildSketchAppeared are just two examples – but @drawnyourtweet, a Twitter profile that, you’ve guessed it, draws your tweet and posts the pics, could be a first on the platform.

5. Building A Social Business Beyond Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

A truly social business doesn’t stop at social media. Simply using social, mobile and cloud technology within your corporate strategy isn’t enough. A social business is one that builds an ecosystem around its social media implementation, creating a fully integrated, nimble, innovative business.

6. Birds Eye Launches ‘Mashtags’, Potato Shapes For The Social Media Generation

You live, sleep and breathe social media. Now, thanks to Birds Eye, you can eat it, too, courtesy of Mashtags, a new, edible product inspired by social media.

7. Photoshopped, Uncredited Pictures Are Being Called Out On Twitter By @PicPedant

With about a billion tweets sent every two days, it’s easy for a photo to go viral and be passed around the world in a matter of minutes. However, this speed of information is a double-edged sword – these photos are often unsourced or completely fake. So how do you know if what you’re passing around is really an adorable kitten, or just a great photoshop job? Ask @PicPendant.

8. One In 13 Tweets Contains At Least One Curse Word [STUDY]

Do you swear a lot on Twitter? Or even occasionally? You’re far from alone. A new study has revealed that one in 13 tweets contains at least one curse word, with swearing reaching its peak on Twitter right before we head off to bed.

9. How Sochi Does Social [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s a pair of uncomfortable truisms: the Winter Games doesn’t generate the same amount of hype and buzz as the summer Olympics, and Sochi 2014, thus far, isn’t standing up to the social media onslaught generated by London 2012.

10. Instagram Dwarfs Facebook, Twitter For Brand Engagement [STUDY]