This Week On Twitter: Small Biz Struggling With Social But Business Is Booming Everywhere Else

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at why small business is still struggling to leverage Twitter and Facebook in their marketing strategy, the state of social media in the UK, how social media business is booming around the world, the AP scolding journalists who tweeted about their arrests during Occupy Wall Street and putting a price on a Twitter follower.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. 67% Of Small Business Owners Won’t Invest In Social Media In 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

In recent weeks we’ve seen a lot of information analyzing how small businesses are using Twitter and Facebook, sometimes with conflicting results. Well, brace yourselves, as this new study from is going to make those waters even murkier, as it suggests that while 88 percent of small business owners believe that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook do or will impact their bottom line, a full two-thirds (67 percent) won’t be making additional investments in their social media marketing in 2012.

2. The State Of Social Media In The UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do companies in the UK perceive social media? And Twitter specifically? That’s the question that Big Mouth Media asked when they put together this infographic visualizing the current state of social media in the UK.

3. The Business Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The business of social media is booming, and platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed brands (and entrepreneurs) of all shapes and sizes to reach a wider audience to whom they can effectively market their products and services, irrespective of where they are in the world.

4. Journalists Get Arrested During Occupy Wall Street, Tweet About It, Then Get Scolded By The AP

Just two weeks after laying down the law when it comes to retweets, the Associated Press is cracking down on reporters for turning to Twitter to… well, tweet about their own arrests at Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan.

5. How Much Is A Twitter Follower Worth? $2.50 Per Month According To One Company’s Lawsuit

Would you pay $2.50 for a Twitter follower? One tech news site is suggesting that a former employee cough up $2.50 – per month – for each of his 17,000 followers that he took with him after leaving his post.

6. Less Than One In Five Trust Twitter And Facebook For News [STUDY]

A new poll has shown that adults in both the United States and United Kingdom still see traditional media outlets as the most trustworthy sources of news, with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook lagging some distance behind established channels like TV, radio and newspapers.

7. Sundance Channel Is First To Offer Season Premier Exclusively Via Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter for some time, you’re probably used to getting exclusive deals, being informed of sales, and generally being on the inside track of a lot of the companies you follow. But here’s an exclusive that’s never been done before: Sundance Channel is premiering its unscripted series “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” on Twitter, in full, via TwitVid.

8. 60% Of Small Businesses Find Twitter Effective For Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week we reported on research that suggested that just 10% of small businesses use Twitter as part of their marketing strategy. It goes without saying that this is a surprisingly low number, and even more so when you consider that some 60% of small businesses who do use Twitter find it effective for engaging with their customers.

9. The Rise Of Social Giving: Twitter Users Twice As Generous As Those From Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]