This Week On Twitter: Consistency = Twitter Success, Women Rule Tech And The Users Of Social Media

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at why consistency is the key to success on Twitter, how women rule the tech space, the latest social media usage stats, why 90 percent of Twitter is just showing up and 10 social media customer service tips for brands.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Why Consistency Is The Key To Success On Twitter

One of the most important habits everybody using Twitter needs to adopt as early as possible is the habit of consistency. This is true for personal accounts and brands, and it comes in two flavours – consistency in the things that you say, and consistency in how often you say them. In other words: who you are, and what (and how often) you tweet about it, should be a constant.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Gaming And The Workplace – How Women Rule Tech [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 55 percent of Twitter and Facebook users are women? This trend doesn’t stop there. Some 60 percent of Zynga social gamers are female – the average social gamer is a 43-year old woman – and women hold 56 percent of all professional jobs in the U.S.

3. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest: The Users Of Social Media

It’s sometimes tough to keep up with the daily growing user numbers of our favorite social networks. How many people are on Facebook now? And how many users does Pinterest have? What about the number of women on Twitter? This infographic from shares the latest facts and figures about the users of the top social media sites.

4. 90% Of Twitter Is Just Showing Up

On Twitter, it’s not enough to just set up a profile and expect wonderful things to start to happen, as if by magic. Twitter, like life, doesn’t work that way. You need to do the work, and you need to put in the hours. And the good news?

5. 10 Social Media Customer Service Tips For Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed brands of all shapes and sizes to build large communities of fans which, if highly engaged, can have a significant impact on the bottom line of almost any business. Of course, the key word here is ‘if’. If your social audience is highly engaged then you can expect fantastic results, but companies have to work hard to achieve this kind of success. It’s not all upside – customer criticism and, vitally, complaints, must be heard, investigated and actioned on a 24/7/365 basis. Social media doesn’t sleep, and neither can you. Bottom line? Brands that deliver great customer support, win. Brands that don’t, lose. And then everybody else gets to read about it.

6. Who Are The Top Internet Retailers On Facebook, Twitter, Google+ And Pinterest? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 96 percent of the top 250 internet retailers have a presence on Twitter, and command an average follower count of 57,097? These impressive numbers are only bettered by Facebook, which has a slight edge over Twitter in overall usage (97 percent) but dwarfs the micro-blobbing network in audience size. The top Facebook-using internet retailers average almost one million fans a piece, and some 43 retailer Facebook Pages have more than a million Likes.

7. How To Get Your Complaint Heard On Twitter

Twitter is becoming the new call center, with customers tweeting to companies to voice their complaints, comments and questions. But in order to get an answer, you’ve got to know how to make your 140-character concerns stand out from the crowd and grab their attention.