This Week On Twitter: Twitter vs Google+, Twitter vs Google Analytics & Twitter > (Google+Facebook)

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes news on the fast-growing membership of Google+, Twitter’s incredible 15 billion API calls per day, why you should think twice before changing your avatar, why Twitter is driving four times as much traffic as you’re being told it does and some incredible Twitter-generated maps of the world.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Are There Already Half As Many Users On Two-Week Old Google+ As There Are On Twitter?

According to some preliminary estimates, Google+ membership will explode past 10 million sometime today. That’s 10 million users who’ve signed up in just two weeks. Now, Twitter touts the fact that it has well over 200 million (and probably more than 300 million) registered users, but in terms of active users, like most of the new signups for Google+ undoubtedly are, the number is likely much less. Think about 10x less… meaning Google+ may have amassed about half of Twitter’s user base in only two weeks.

2. At 15 Billion A Day, Twitter Sees 50% More API Calls Than Facebook & Google Combined [INFOGRAPHIC]

Klout, the analytics company that measures the influences of users across their social networks, is the newest member of this API billionaires club, serving more than two billion API calls in June across their 3,000 partner-developers. This represents a four fold increase in just a few months. And to illustrate this growth Klout have put together a fascinating infographic that details the API usage of the other members of the club, which unveils the vast size of the Twitter ecosystem.

3. Meet The Tweeters [INFOGRAPHIC]

In June Pew Research undertook a survey of 2,277 Twitter profiles and determined that Twitter adoption among internet users in the United States had increased significantly. As we documented in our analysis, Twitter usage amongst all online adults had leapt to 13% (from 8%), and the male demographic had doubled in size to 14% (from 7%). Most interestingly, 25% of online African Americans use Twitter (11% on a daily basis) as well as 19% of Hispanics. Social PR agency Column Five Media have taken all this data and produced this brilliant infographic.

4. Why You Might Want To Rethink Changing Your Twitter Avatar

As much as it’s about substance, social media is about image, too. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but there are a host of images that people subconsciously associate you and your brand with, and one of these images is your Twitter avatar.

5. Social Media 101: Twitter, Facebook And WordPress Build Brand Loyalty [INFOGRAPHIC]

Earlier this month we featured a tongue-in-cheek (albeit unnervingly accurate) look at a day in the life of a social media manager by social software developer Socialcast, which proved very popular with readers. This new infographic from Socialcast looks at the way that cost-effective social media solutions such as Twitter, Facebook and WordPress have transformed the way that organisations communicate with their customers.

6. Using Twitter And Flickr To Map The World [PHOTOS]

It’s just five years ago that Twitter first opened its doors to an unassuming public, and nobody could have begun to imagine the impact that the network would make around the globe – culture to culture, person to person – in such a short space of time. These incredible maps, created by Eric Fischer, use geolocation to show how both Twitter and photo-sharing service Flickr are spreading across the planet.

7. 1 Out Of Every 2 Employers Use Twitter To Connect With Potential Employees

As more people sign up for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there’s a huge increase in the information available about a potential employee and employers have taken notice. New stats from Jobvite suggest that social media use – and Twitter use in particular – by employers looking for potential employees has risen in the past year.