This Week On Twitter: The New, Twitter Brand Pages And How Much Is A Follower Worth?

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes news on how some theaters are using special “tweet seats” to encourage the use of Twitter during shows, a look at the revamped (and new Twitter brand pages), why literary legend Margaret Atwood thinks Twitter boosts literacy, valuing a Twitter follower and the secrets of viral content marketing.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Theaters Now Offer “Tweet Seats” To Those Who Want To Tweet During The Show

We’re all trained to power down our smartphones and leave our iPads in the car when we enter the theater. It’s common courtesy to the performers and the other patrons to not distract them with the chime of a new text message or by tapping wildly on our keypads during the show. However, there are a handful of theaters and organizations who have decided to embrace the smartphone addicts of the world and create “tweet seats” – sections of seating encouraging the use of Twitter to discuss the show.

2. Twitter Launches New Brand Pages To Compete With Facebook

Brands, welcome to Twitter. We know you’ve been here for a while, but now it looks like you can really start to call it home. Twitter has launched a total redesign of its web and mobile apps today, and along with that it has unveiled brand new “brand pages”, where brands can more fully control the content that their followers see.

3. Literary Legend Margaret Atwood Thinks Twitter Boosts Literacy

Writing is writing, even when it’s short, says Canadian literary legend Margaret Atwood. Speaking downtown Toronto at the nextMEDIA conference on Monday, Atwood proclaimed that we should celebrate Twitter and other internet-based communications as drivers of literacy rather than something to be dismissed.

4. As A Twitter Follower, You’re Worth About $2.50

An email from Twitter to advertisers has been leaked, and it looks like the company has put a price on all of our heads: as followers, we’re each worth about $2.50 to a brand.

5. Twitter, Reddit, Blogging And Metcalf’s Law – The Secrets Of Viral Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

What makes content ‘go viral’? This magic formula is something that brands and marketers strive to discover with almost every online project – the joy and benefits of seeing your hard work shared so much that it takes on a life and energy of its own are almost immeasurable – but it isn’t as easy as simply wanting it to happen. So… what’s the secret sauce?

6. Gets A Complete Redesign [SCREENSHOTS]

During a press conference at its new headquarters in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and co-founder Jack Dorsey today unveiled a brand new The website and all apps have undergone a complete redesign: content has been moved, photos and videos will now be embedded, and each tweet is given a fuller context. Check out more details and screenshots inside.

7. How Social Media Changed The Ad Game [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Twitter pegged to generate $1.2 billion in revenue by 2016, and Facebook rumored to have doubled its revenue in the first half of 2011 (and could already be more profitable than Amazon), there’s a lot of money on the table for brand marketers of all sizes. How have they adapted to the change?

8. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And The Social CEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

As social media becomes an important component of all of our lives, it’s essential that brands adopt a top down approach to the way that they use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. CEOs simply cannot afford to leave the business of social media to their employees. As the public face of their organisation, it’s imperative that the CEO develops a thorough working knowledge of the ins and outs of social media – this not only sets a strong example, but shows customers (and shareholders) that the man in charge has his finger very firmly on the pulse.

9. The Top 10 Twitter Trends Of 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Another year has come and gone and Twitter, and it’s been bigger and better than ever – literally billions of tweets have been sent and received. But out of that vast amount of data, which topics were the most popular? Which celebrities got the most mentions? Which movies and TV shows received the biggest amount of buzz? And which news events captured our attention?

10. Only 2% Of Ad Agencies And PR Firms Use Twitter For Their Own Lead Generation

When a client speaks with an ad agency about setting up a campaign, they naturally expect that agency to know their way around Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. And while the agency might have this know-how, new stats show that they didn’t glean it from practicing on their own brand: a paltry few agencies actually use Twitter or Facebook to advertise their own company.

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