This Week On Twitter: Track Any Link, Social Media 2012 And Anonymous Expose Twitter Pedophiles

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes advice on how to track any link shared on Twitter, the social media leaders of 2012, how Anonymous is using Twitter to expose pedophiles, a look at a study that reveals that a frightening number of major brand’s followers on Twitter are bots and news that Twitter is now seeing 400 million tweets every day.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. How To Track All Mentions Of Any Link Shared On Twitter [TWITTER TIP]

If you type any word or series of words into Twitter’s search box it will return a series of tweets, in reverse chronological order, where those words have been used. This is how search engines typically work, and most people know that. What many of those same people don’t know is that Twitter’s search functionality is really, really clever. How smart? Well, how about this: it can easily track any web page that has been shared on Twitter… even if it’s hidden inside another URL.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit – Social Media Leaders 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that Facebook employs more than 3,000 people? Or that Club Penguin has more folks on its staff roster than Twitter? The world of social media is complex and growing all the time, with different networks gaining popularity seemingly on a monthly basis. Facebook continues to lead the way, of course, but new players such as Pinterest are making serious waves, and even old hands like Reddit have found a surge of renewed interest. But how do they all match up?

3. Anonymous Exposes Pedophiles On Twitter

What’s worse than knowing pedophiles exist in the world? How about having them get all ‘in your face’ on Twitter with posts looking for, talking about or sharing pictures of children? Yeah, this is happening – and Anonymous is exposing them, one sick twist at a time. And you can help.

4. Up To 46% Of A Brand’s Twitter Followers Are Bots, Says Survey [STUDY]

Twitter has proven itself as a fantastic community-building resource for brands of all shapes and sizes, but new research has suggested that the follower counts of these company profiles might not be as receptive to product and sales messages as their marketers might have hoped. That is, unless they’re using Twitter to sell oil baths.

5. Twitter Now Seeing 400 Million Tweets Per Day, Increased Mobile Ad Revenue, Says CEO

Twitter just keeps on getting bigger. And, perhaps, has finally cracked the nut that continues to hang over the platform’s head: profitability.

6. Twitter Now Employs More Than 1,000 People

1,046 to be precise. Which means that the firm has been on a serious hiring spree.

7. How Do College Students Use Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

They’re the target market of many an energy drink and laptop company, and marketers love getting their hands on data about college students. This infographic takes a look at how studious late teens and early twenty-somethings use Twitter: the brands they follow, how they tweet and more.

8. Alcohol Brands Testing New Age Verification Tool On Twitter

Prior to April 2011, alcohol brands were banned from advertising on Twitter. Now, they’re working with Twitter itself to come up with a way to verify their followers’ age and target their products to the over-21 tweeting crowd.

9. Artist Uses Tweets To Create Supercool Paintings

There are creative folks out there who use Twitter in ways one would never imagine – like making music from tweets (which we told you about already) or creating paintings from tweet data, which we will tell you about now!