This Week On Twitter: Don’t Tweet And Drive, Pinterest Beats Twitter And Social Media Boosts SEO

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a warning from police on the dangers of using Twitter whilst driving, news that Pinterest is outperforming other social networks for purchase power, how social media affects SEO, a look at the ways that brands are using social marketing for success and a complete guide to social media.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Social Media More Dangerous Than Drink Driving (So Don’t Tweet Behind The Wheel), Say Police

Using mobile phones to access social media sites when behind the wheel can be more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol, says a new report. Research undertaken by the Transport Research Laboratory and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) found that drivers’ reaction times slowed by 38 percent when using their mobile phones to access sites such as Twitter and Facebook whilst controlling a moving vehicle. In contrast, drivers at the alcohol drink-drive limit have a typical delayed reaction of just 12 percent.

2. Pinterest Outperforms Twitter, Facebook For Purchase Power [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is Pinterest here to stay? Perhaps. Certainly, the evidence is mounting that the pinboarding network of choice is making a big dent in the social space. Studies have shown that users spend more time on Pinterest than on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined, and new data reveals that the (ahem) interest in Pinterest is now so strong that the platform is outperforming both Twitter and Facebook for click-through revenue. Is it time to start buying into all that hype?

3. How Does Social Media Affect Website Search Rankings? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you run a website, you know how important search engine rankings can be. Getting your site on the first page of Google can bring in advertising dollars, an influx of new customers, or widespread awareness of your cause. However, there is much more to ranking high on Google than just optimizing your website for certain keywords. Social media can help (or hurt!) your placement – and the folks at TastyPlacement have done a little testing to see how much Google+, Facebook and Twitter really do affect search results.

4. How Marketers Are Using Social Media For Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that recent data showed that 90 percent of marketers are now using social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook for their business, and 93 percent of those rated these tools as “important”? Brands of all sizes are now leveraging online communities to generate business exposure, increase website traffic and even improve search rankings, but what about sales?

5. The Marketer’s Guide To Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

For the third consecutive year, have released their CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officer’s) Guide To The Social Landscape. Five new members have made the roster this year, including Pinterest and Google+.

6. Social Media Users Spend 21% More On Brands That Exceed Customer Service Expectations [STUDY]

A new study has revealed that while an alarming nine out of ten Americans (93 percent) say that companies fail to exceed their customer service expectations, those that use social media for support, while far more vocal, wield greater influence and are likely to spend substantially more.

7. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And The Future Of The Social Customer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that social commerce sales should total £5.67 billion ($9.2 billion) this year, and are expected to climb to £8.81 billion ($14.25 billion) in 2013? Along the way, consumers shopping online will expand some 15 percent, from 167 million in 2012 to 192 million by 2016, spending an average of £1,094.07 (about $1,800) per person per year. Overall, online shoppers are tipped to generate over two hundred billion pounds of revenue annually in just four years.