This Week On Twitter: Twitter Brand Marketing, Social Media In The Workplace, Social Stats USA

This Week On Twitter: Twitter Brand Marketing, Social Media In The Workplace, Social Stats USA

Need a little weekend reading?

We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at how brands are using Twitter for marketing, why blocking social media in the workplace could be bad for business, news that 67 percent of Americans now use social media, how to use colour in your social media strategy and some observations on why the different ways that men and women use social media and mobile could be impacting your ad conversions.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. How Are Brands Using Twitter For Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter recently celebrated its 8th birthday and, in that relatively short period of time, the platform has become an increasingly important marketing tool for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes in almost every major industry across the globe. But how are brands using Twitter effectively to promote their products and services, and what sorts of challenges are they facing?

2. Social Media In The Workplace: Why Blocking Access Is Bad For Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

One in five job seekers would refuse to work for an employer who didn’t allow them to access social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook in the workplace, and a quarter of college students say that use of these channels in the office will be a key factor in their decision to accept an employer’s offer.

3. 67% Of Americans Use Social Media (With One In Six Active On Twitter) [STUDY]

Two thirds of Americans have a profile on one or more social networks, reveals a new study, with about one in six (16 percent) using Twitter.

4. How To Use Color In Your Social Media Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

The majority of people learn from and interpret a message more easily and at a greater speed from an image than they do a text-only missive, and studies have shown that nine in 10 of us make decisions on purchases based on visuals. And it’s not just pictures – colours are also important. Naturally, all of this is significant when planning your social media strategy.

5. How Men And Women Use Social Media And Mobile (And What This Means For Ads) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you hear? Men and women use social media differently. No real surprise there – study after study has shown this to be the case ever since platforms such as Facebook and Twitter first opened their doors – but what exactly are these differences, and how does this impact advertising and mobile use?

6. Twitter Adds ‘Search By Date’ Feature

Twitter has added a new feature that makes it easier for its users to find old tweets.

7. What, When And How To Share On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

When’s the best time to post on Twitter? What about Facebook and Google+? When and what should you schedule to generate the maximum engagement for your social media campaigns?

8. YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn Drive More Engaged Referrals Than Facebook, Twitter [STUDY]

In less than a decade social media has established itself as a hugely important source of referral traffic to websites across almost every industry, but what do these visitors actually do once they’ve hit your website? Are all social visitors equal, or are some more equal than others?

9. Twitter Ad Revenue Forecast To Exceed $1 Billion In 2014 [STATS]

Twitter’s advertising revenue is on track to exceed $1 billion in 2014, up from $594.9 million last year, with further accelerated income from ads envisaged through 2016, reports eMarketer.

10. 10 Lessons Social Media Can Learn From Traditional Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has revolutionised many industries, with the business of customer service perhaps benefiting the most from these consumer-facing, highly-engaged platforms. That’s assuming, of course, that you’re doing customer service well. Just because your business is active on social media doesn’t automatically mean you’re delivering first class support, and brands would do well to remember the tried and tested customer service methods of yesterday.

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