This Week On Twitter: How The Fortune 500 Uses Twitter, Twitter World Leaders, Twitter App Stats

This Week On Twitter: How The Fortune 500 Uses Twitter, Twitter World Leaders, Twitter App Stats

Need a little weekend reading?

We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes how companies in the Fortune 500 use Twitter to build relationships, news that 80 percent of world leaders are now on Twitter, stats that reveal that Twitter was the 10th most popular app in 2013, a study that addresses the latest social media demographics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn plus a look at the 20 most popular brands on Twitter.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. How The Fortune 500 Use Twitter To Build Relationships [INFOGRAPHIC]

How well do the Fortune 500 use Twitter? The folks at Insightpool took an in-depth look at which of the top companies in the world are rocking Twitter, and how their actions can help other businesses make the most of their own Twitter presence.

2. 80 Percent Of World Leaders Are On Twitter

Politicians have traditionally been wary of signing up for anything that is too transparent, but in recent years they’ve been ditching this attitude in favor of joining the masses on Twitter.

3. Twitter Was 10th Most Popular App Of 2013 [STATS]

Looking back on tech trends of 2013 can give us a lot of insight into how 2014 will shape up. Stats from Nielsen show us which apps were the most popular on smartphones for 2013 – will these be the reigning apps of the new year too?

4. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn: 2013 Social Media Demographics [STUDY]

18 percent of online adults in the U.S. now use Twitter, reveals new data from Pew Research (which we covered in part yesterday), compared to 71 percent who use Facebook and 17 percent who use Instagram. But who are these people? Are they male or female? What about race and age? Are they graduates? How much do they earn, and where do they live?

5. The 20 Most Popular Brands On Twitter [STATS]

@YouTube remains the top, most-followed brand on Twitter, with its close to 38 million followers placing it well ahead of all other brands, including the official @Twitter profile.

6. Facebook, Twitter, Email – How To Prepare For Your Digital Afterlife [INFOGRAPHIC]

2014 is going to be an amazing year! Your best ever! Right? Perhaps. Certainly, let’s hope so. But, with many of us now spending huge portions of our lives online, leaving little traces of ourselves everywhere, there’s something important that – unfortunately – we need to remember. What happens to all of this when we die?

7. 73% Of Online Adults Now Use Social Media [STUDY]

Almost three-quarters of online adults now use at least one social network, with Facebook remaining the most popular social platform, although a significant number of users are embracing other channels, reveals a new study.

8. The 10 Most Popular People On Twitter [STATS]

Katy Perry continues to reign supreme as Queen of Twitter, adding almost one million new followers in the past month to move ever closer to the hallowed 50 million follower mark, and is now almost a million clear from previous Twitter numero uno, Justin Bieber.

9. How Startups Can Use The Power Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the CEO of a new startup, how do you raise awareness of your business? Social media is a great place to start. With well over one billion users worldwide, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are proven marketing tools for brands of all shapes and sizes. Both cost effective and time efficient, these channels can quickly drive word-of-mouth for your new venture and help you position yourself in front of the right eyeballs.