This Week On Twitter: 8 Million Found Jobs On Twitter, Twitter B2B Marketing & Twitter Bio Tips

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a look at how millions of Americans have used social media to find new jobs, how Twitter is popular with business to business marketers, tips for writing a killer Twitter bio, news that Arabic is now the fastest-growing language on Twitter and five companies that are rocking social media.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. 8 Million Americans Found Their Current Job On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

A heady 8 million Americans say that they used Twitter to find their current job. That number is impressive enough, but it pales in comparison to LinkedIn, where 10.2 million Americans say that they found work, and especially Facebook, which accounted for a staggering 18.4 million of successful hires. In fact, according to this data, an eyebrow-raising 36,600,000 Americans used social media to find work, representing about 16 percent of the adult population.

2. Twitter Used By 91% Of B2B Marketers, But LinkedIn Generates Twice As Many Leads [STUDY]

Twitter beats Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and YouTube as the social network du jour for business to business (B2B) marketers, but it’s LinkedIn that generates the most leads, says a new study.

3. 3 Tips for Writing a Killer Twitter Bio To Get Targeted Followers

Some people seem to think that the more followers they have on Twitter, the more successful they are online. However, the number of followers you have doesn’t usually matter as much as the quality of followers you have, especially if you use Twitter for business. Here are three tips you can use to revamp your Twitter bio – that tiny 160-character blurb that can be the difference between followers who ignore you and those who click every link you send their way.

4. 39% Of All Tweets Are In English, But Arabic Now Fastest-Growing Language On Twitter [STUDY]

Last month, more than 2 million tweets were posted every day on Twitter in Arabic, up from about 30,000 per day in July 2010, says a new study. Semiocast analyzed 5.6 billion public tweets and discovered that while English was far and away the most popular language used on Twitter, making up some 39 percent of all tweets, or 70 million per day, Arabic was the fastest-growing language overall, rising over two thousand percent in the past year, and is now the eighth most-used language on the network.

5. 5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The benefits of using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes are well established, but putting that into practice takes knowledge and experience, as well as effort, dedication, and, most importantly, time. Success in social media isn’t something that happens overnight. As the old adage says, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and organizations looking for shortcuts and (especially) advice from self-pronounced gurus are often left scratching their headsin bewilderment.

6. What Not To Do On Twitter: Durex Tweets Hugely Offensive Joke, Blames Local PR Agency

There are so many lessons in what to do – and in this case, what not to do – in social media that case studies can begin to blend into one another. But this particular Twitter fumble from Durex stands out as one so supremely tone deaf, offensive and insensitive that it just has to be pointed out.

7. New Twitter Stats: 500 New Employees, 2400 Advertisers And A 3-5% Conversion Rate

Twitter’s Chief Revenue Officer Adam Bain spoke at Business Insider’s Ignition conference on Wednesday in New York, and gave the audience some insight into the current state of the business side of Twitter.

8. In The Golden Age Of Twitter And Facebook, Is Email Dead? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It seems that everywhere you turn people are singing the praises of social media, and with Twitter’s estimated 300 million users and Facebook closing in rapidly on one billion, it’s no wonder. I mean, these platforms are huge, and getting bigger and bigger every day. But what about other older technologies, like email? Does the rise of social media mean the final nail in the coffin for this reliable but decidedly unglamorous messaging medium?

9. Some Users Will Stop Doing Anything To Check Twitter, Facebook… Even If They’re Having Sex [STUDY]

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have rapidly integrated themselves into our everyday lives, with laptops and especially smartphones allowing anyone to read and publish status updates when and wherever they like. But there have to be limits, right? Some boundaries? Apparently not, as a new study has revealed that some people will stop doing almost anything to respond to that all-important tweet… even if they’re having sex.

10. The World Of Social Media [VIDEOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes it seems that every time you look social media has set another benchmark. For example, while you may know that Facebook has passed Google as the most-visited website on the internet, were you aware that there are now more Facebook users than motor vehicles? Or that Twitter’s tweets per second record (TPS) is 8,900 tweets? This and more can be found in this videographic from the appropriately-named Video Infographs.

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