This Week on #Twitter: Embed Tweets in Tweets, Twitter = Good News, How to Build Awareness

This Week on #Twitter: Embed Tweets in Tweets, Twitter = Good News, How to Build Awareness

Need a little weekend reading?

We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes an update from Twitter that lets you embed tweets within tweets, a study that reveals that Twitter is used to share good news (while phones are used to share bad), how to build awareness on the top social media platforms, data that shows that email still outperforms social media, SEO and content marketing and a brief history of Twitter, 2006-2014.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. You Can Now Embed Tweets Within Tweets – is Twitter’s ‘Retweet With Comment’ Coming Soon?

Huge update from Twitter today that, while appearing fairly simple on first look, could be an early indication of some big changes on the platform: you can now embed tweets within tweets.

2. Twitter Is Used To Share Good News, Phones Used To Share Bad [STUDY]

When you get good news, do you quickly take to Twitter to share it with your followers? If you do, you’re not alone: a new study shows that Twitter is used more for good news, while phones are the technology of choice for sharing bad news.

3. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter: How to Build Brand Awareness [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 52 percent of enterprise brands say that social media is the most important factor in client/customer relationship building and brand management?

4. Marketers: Email STILL More Effective Than Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing [STUDY]

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: email is not dead. Far from it, in fact: it’s going from strength-to-strength.

5. A Brief History of #Twitter (2006-2014)

Jack’s famous missive started something, although at the time he and fellow co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams really had no idea what that was, what it could be, or what it would eventually become.

6. Social Media Ads Cheat Sheet: Image Sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & More [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media advertising is kind of a big deal. How big? Both Twitter and Facebook rake in the bulk of their cash from their own social ads platforms, and LinkedIn, Google+ and, soon, Instagram also have bespoke marketing tools.

7. Why Now Is the Time for Your Brand to Start Posting Video on Twitter

We might not all be cozying around a smartphone for family movie night, but mobile video is rising in popularity nonetheless. And Twitter’s latest announcement should motivate any brand that isn’t tweeting videos to fire up the digital camera.

8. Six in 10 B2B Marketers Spending More on Social Media in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

58 percent of business to business (B2B) marketers are spending more on social media this year, with just one in fifty decreasing their spend in this area in 2014, reveals a new study.

9. Twitter’s Latest Experiment: Self-Explaining Hashtags

Twitter brought hashtags to the attention of the cultural masses, and it feels like hardly an hour passes now without seeing a hashtag plastered across a billboard, movie trailer or TV commercial. However, on Twitter itself, one of the biggest problems with any single hashtag can be figuring out what it actually means. Something like #happy is pretty clear, but what does #rt usually stand for – retweet?

10. 5 Ways Twitter Could Improve Lists

Do you use Twitter lists? You absolutely should – they are one of the most powerful ways to slice and dice the hundreds of millions of tweets sent per day into manageable, relevant segments. However, lists haven’t been updated in any significant way for years, and Twitter is missing out on a huge opportunity.

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