This Week On Twitter: Twitter’s Oscars, How To Get More Followers, Top Brands Ignoring Twitter

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes some of the big statistics from Twitter’s ‘coverage’ of the Oscars, how to get more Twitter followers (according to science), news that 23 percent of Fortune 500 companies are still ignoring Twitter and Facebook, a look at what happens on the internet every second, minute, hour and day and a report that says customers are more likely to trust – and buy – from brands that use social media.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Twitter At The Oscars: 8.9 Million Tweets, 85,300 Tweets Per Minute Peak [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last night the best and brightest of Hollywood gathered for the 85th Academy Awards, with Argo winning Best Picture, Ang Lee being named Best Director, Daniel Day-Lewis winning Best Actor and Jennifer Lawrence winning Best Actress. Christoph Waltz (Best Support Actor) and Anne Hathaway (Best Support Actress) rounded out the big wins. And Twitter had its own party, too. All-told, some 8.9 million tweets were sent and received about the Oscars, with 2.1 million written during the red carpet alone.

2. Want More Followers On Twitter? Be Positive, Write Clearly And Retweet Well [STUDY]

How do you get more followers on Twitter? For brands and individuals alike, it’s the age-old question. Like it or not, for many people size still matters on Twitter, and you’re far more likely to attract new followers if you’ve already got quite a few to your name. So how do you convince others to get on board your Twitter-train (especially if you’re new)? Engage with influencers? Use certain hashtags? Tweet more? Tweet less? Nope. The best thing to do is to be positive, say scientists.

3. Nearly 1 Out Of 4 Big Companies Are Still Ignoring Twitter [STUDY]

At the end of 2012, the University of Massachusetts presented their annual survey of the digital presence of the Fortune 500. Among their findings were the following: 28% of the Fortune 500 companies had blogs, 62% had a YouTube account, and (here’s the shocker) an incredible 23% of Fortune 500 firms had neither a Twitter nor a Facebook account at the end of 2012.

4. What Happens On The Internet Every Second, Minute, Hour And Day? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are now close to 2.5 billion internet users around the world – one-third of the entire global population – and all of these folks, collectively, get through an awful lot of internet each and every day. And when you break it down to how much we do online every hour, minute, or even second, the numbers are mind-blowing.

5. Customers Are More Likely To Trust, Buy From Brands Who Use Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media equals engagement, especially for brands. Study after study shows that customers prefer brands that are actively social – 59 percent of people are more likely to trust a brand that integrates social media, and 63 percent are more likely to buy products from businesses who are visible on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

6. How The Internet (And Social Media) Has Changed The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that there are now close to two and a half billion internet users across the planet, a rise of more than 500 percent since the year 2000? And as the number of users grows, the internet changes accordingly – and so does the world.

7. Twitter: The World’s Fastest-Growing Social Platform [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter was the world’s fastest-growing social platform in 2012, adding an incredible 40 percent more active users between Q2 and Q4 of last year. Indeed, that same study suggested that Twitter now has a heady 288 million active profiles, with the micro-blogging network boasting a commanding presence in almost every major country around the globe.