This Week On Twitter: Twitter Grows 40% In 2012, Twitter Owns Social TV, Business Social Marketing

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes a study that suggests that Twitter is growing faster than any other social network, how Twitter dominates social television, a look at which social network is right for your business, a social media marketing checklist for events planners and a reminder of why everybody in your company needs to understand how Twitter works… especially the marketing director.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. Twitter Was The Fastest-Growing Social Network In 2012, Says Study [STATS]

Twitter beat Facebook and Google+ as the fastest-growing social network in 2012, suggests a new study from GlobalWebIndex. Overall, Twitter is now ranked fourth amongst all social networking sites in total active users, with Google+ securing a surprising second place.

2. 95% Of Online Conversations About TV Take Place On Twitter [STATS]

The official Twitter Advertising profile (@TwitterAds) has beensharing some choice data about everybody’s favourite micro-blogging social network and its impact on television, inasmuch as how Twitter has established itself as the conversation medium of choice for fans looking to chat about their favourite shows online. The numbers are in, and they’re overwhelming: 95 percent of online public conversations about TV take place on Twitter, and 60 percent of UK Twitter users are active on Twitter whilst watching TV.

3. Which Social Network Is Right For Your Business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2012, five different social networks staked their claim as the most important platforms in this entire space – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. While you can make a good case for the inclusion of other social networks such as Instagram and Reddit, brands looking to get started in social media should absolutely concentrate on the top five. But which social network is right for YOUR business?

4. A Social Media Marketing Checklist For Effective Events Planning [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has proven itself to be a very effective medium for raising awareness and driving registrations for conferences and seminars of all sizes and descriptions, with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offering numerous benefits to planners and marketers, both prior and during the event. However, and as with all things social media, it takes a lot of time and effort to make good things happen, and without a detailed strategic outline it’s all-too-easy easy to lose sight of your goals.

5. If Your Marketing Director Doesn’t Understand Twitter, Your Company Shouldn’t Be Tweeting

What happens when you combine an intern-created Twitter account, a marketing director who doesn’t understand how to use it and 60 disgruntled employees, some with access to the account and nothing to lose? You get HMV’s Twitter stream today. And this can happen to you.

6. 56% Of B2B Marketers Will Increase Social Media Spend In 2013 [STUDY]

More than half of U.S. business to business (B2B) marketers plan to increase spending on their social media budget in 2013, reveals a new study. 56 percent of respondents to BtoB Magazine‘s 2013 Outlook: Marketing Priorities And Plans survey said that their marketing spend on channels such as Twitter and Facebook will rise this year, with social media being favoured above both search (52.5 percent) and mobile (a surprisingly low 35.5 percent).

7. Incredibly, Twitter Doubled In Size In The U.S. In 2012, Says Study [STATS]

Twitter was the world’s fastest-growing social platform last year, with the micro-blogging network’s 40 percent active user growth between Q2 and Q4 of 2012 more than enough to push Facebook and Google+ into second and third place respectively. Twitter grew significantly in many countries, with active user gains of more than 50 percent in Hong Kong, Russia and China, but, after a couple of years of stagnation, it’s Twitter’s huge advance in the U.S. that is perhaps its most incredible feat to date.

8. Twitter Has Been Hacked; Password Resets In Progress For 250,000

Twitter just announced that it discovered that hackers may have gained access to “limited user information – usernames, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords” – 250,000 passwords.

9. 7 Twitter Tips For Photographers

Twitter is one of the best technology tools for modern photographers to up their game, build a community and generally be more awesome. But where to start? Below, we’ve compiled 7 handy Twitter tips for photographers.

10. How To Grow Your Business With Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your business is only as strong as it roots. And if you’re using social media to market your services, then it’s essential that you dig deep. Product ratings and reviews, customer support, lead generation and brand awareness are four key areas that, implemented correctly, will allow brands of all shapes and sizes to use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to boost website footfall and drive sales. So, here’s the most important question: is your company ready to grow?

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